Drawing an Astroscope

As in the Hungarian and so in the mythological world of all other nations, we can find the tales that tell that we people and our soul come to Earth from the stars. Sooner or later, in the souls of all of us, the question arises - which we often do not dare to say aloud - what am I doing here? What have I brought with me when I was born and even - what is my job here in the world?

The Astroscope is a Star Map that shows the starry sky at the moment of our birth. It is more than one horoscope, as it contains not only the zodiac signs, but also the constellations themselves and the stars we know. With the help of these, it can show the energy system of a person, the driving forces of his/her operation and his/her inner world. This Map then helps our orientation during our Life when we reach a crossroad. Should we turn right or left? It gives us a clue that at that point which way can we achieve earlier the best, healthy, full and happy life.

So I am not just drawing the Astroscope, but also telling the essential elements of it at our appointments. You can also record it, so that the analysis can help you with making a specific decision even after several months.

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