Coaching and Astroscope

At first, it might seem as if I was talking about two very different things, but in fact coaching and the Astroscope perfectly complement each other.

The process of coaching can be more personalized by drawing the Astroscope, because it can reveal such potential abilities or life goals that have not even emerged as an idea, or maybe a long time ago a similar thought had gone through our mind, but then we quickly let it go and we are feeling now that we need something else somewhat different.

While analyzing the Astroscope, it can turn out that we are right now standing at a crossroad (it has happened to me several times as well) and it suddenly becomes clear where/in which direction we should go, but we just can't find 'how' ... Somehow, we always want to choose the same road again, however we find out that that direction is closed and we just can’t understand how this could have happened. Coaching is the solution that can help in this case, in order to find the way that will take us to our goal!

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Depending on personal preference, the sessions can take place online using Facetime, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.