Harmonic relationships and the Astroscope

Harmonic relationships and the Astroscope

The first question that comes to our mind is ”who is the right one”? The astroscope gives us an answer to the question – who is the Partner with whom I can enjoy completeness and fullness in this life? And, if we are alone, it helps in the question of “what do I have to do or how can I change in order to have the right Partner in my life?!”

It is also possible that there is a Manor a Woman and a feeling is stirring in us, but we have already had so many disillusions and disappointments that we have no idea whether or not we should take any step forward .. Let’s look together at whether or not it is worthwhile to start?!

It can also happen that the Partner has already arrived, but somehow, the relationship does not want to work. One conflict is followed by the other and deep inside we still feel that he/she is the right one and it is worth finding the solution to live together in harmony. The astroscope shows and helps us understand why we have the conflicts we do and how we can resolve them in a way other than earlier, or if we have a critical issue between us, how we can raise its energy

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