Questions and Answers

1/Many have asked me what kind of coach I am?

The world has never changed so much so quickly as in the end of the 20th and in the beginning of the 21st century. Old customs, expectations, social patterns, written and unwritten rules of society as well as cooperation practices have become obsolete, thus, men and women of the 21st century rightfully feel left alone. I think that the disappearance of boundaries causes difficulties mainly for women, and the expectations burden them more as well – they have to be simultaneously a sexbomb, successful leader at work, kitchen fairy, warm assuring mother, reliable wife, fantastic lover, husband’s partner, caretaker to parents, governess, nurse and so on.. We all want – mainly us women - to live in harmony with ourselves, our family and our workplace. Where does this balance begin? Or if we have already created it, how can we maintain it day to day? If a women finds her own balance, she is able to move mountains, its benefit can be felt not only by her family, but by her colleagues and friends as well!

On the one hand, I’m a woman, a mother, a friend, a teacher, a chef, a gardener and the list goes on :o), on the other hand I have been building my own career for almost 30 years. I am grateful to life because I have seen, experienced and learned a great deal. I feel that I am prepared to give you all of this experience and knowledge via business coaching or life coaching, especially in mother coaching. I look forward to helping you find the best way to achieve your goals!

2/ How can we use the astroscope in a good way?

The answer is easy – consciously. If we are aware of who we are and how the environment sees us (or what we unconsciously radiate), what kind of abilities we have (even those hidden until now) and where we are going, then we can make a big difference and change our lives, of course in a positive direction but it requires daily attention. I would be lying if I said that it would happen starting today to tomorrow, but based on my own experience, I can say that you can enjoy the first fruits of your labor even within a few weeks.

3/ What I can use the astroscope for?

The astroscope is the best help for us to live a conscious life. It gives us new inspiration every day to live our own lives and to be able to find the most perfect way to do it. If we believe in our abilities and we are ready and able to control our fears, then we can achieve anything! There is no limit, just the sky! :o))

4/ Does the astroscope help in bringing about change?

The answer – is a definite yes! All of us want to achieve harmony and piece in our lives. I know well that change is not easy and it is really difficult to choose the new path instead of the known one. But if we believe in our intuitions, in ourselves and in our abilities then we can leave behind our bad habits, negative people and situations and we can use our energy to the maximum and we are able to create and live a brand new and happy life. Believe me! I know what I am talking about!

5/ Could a coaching process be useful after the analysis?

If you are open to such soul work and cooperation, then definitely, yes since the coaching process could be more personalized by drawing an astroscope.

The analysis can raise such potential abilities and life goals that have not yet emerged, even as an idea, in ourselves or a long time ago a similar thought went through our mind but we quickly let it go and we are now feeling that we need something else, somewhat different.

This is when coaching is a good solution to find the way that will take us to our life goals!

6/ What is the difference between astrology and astrosophy?

The science of astrology goes back ~2500 years in Babylon when the 12 equally large zodiac signs were artificially created from the star constellations on the Sun’s orbital path. Regarding this, however, it is worth knowing that these star constellations are not 30 degrees in size – they are either smaller or larger, in a few cases they cover each other and there are cases when there are spaces between them.

Surely, you have all experienced it as well when you reacted somehow in a situation and then, in the evening you strongly thought about whether this response was the right one or not?! In general, our first reactions are guided by the zodiac sign. But how our soul thinks about this situation is the message of the star constellation. Where does this difference come from? As with everything in the world, the Universe is constantly on the move. 2500 years ago the 0 degree of the Aries zodiac overlapped with the inception of the Aries star constellation, but currently it is in the star constellation of Pisces in the Eastern Fish and in 800 years it will be in Aquarius.

In practice this means that if my ascendant is close to the 0 degree of the Aries zodiac sign, looking at it in the star constellations it is in the Pisces’ Eastern Fish. In this case, we are prone to reacting impulsively or rather stubbornly in a situation and then later in the evening it becomes clear that our soul was left out of our reaction – I should have thought more about it and gathered my thoughts before blurting out those few sentences.

Astrosophy shows us exactly these often times seemingly insignificant, yet life determining differences and make it possible to make the best of it.

7/ What is the difference between the astroscope and the horoscope?

As in Hungarian and so to in the mythological world of all other nations, we can find the tales that tell us that we people and our souls come to Earth from the stars. If we are really honest with ourselves, sooner or later the question – which we often do not even dare to say aloud - arises in all of our souls - what am I doing here? What did I bring with me when I was born and even - what is my job or task here in the world?

The horoscope works with the above mentioned 12 zodiac signs. As Zoltán Paksi writes in his book “Star messages of the sky paths”: “They want Light to be perceived by planets that do not have light … It is not mentioned which star is visible in which star constellation, in which sky environment and what it symbolizes. Thus, star decoding turned into fortune telling – without the stars.”

The Astroscope is a Star Map that shows the starry sky at the moment of our birth. It is more than a horoscope, as it contains not only the zodiac signs, but also the star constellations themselves and the stars that we know. With the help of these, it can show a person’s energy system, the driving forces of his/her operation and his/her inner world. It is nothing other than the energy map of the moment of our birth. This Map then helps our orientation during our lives when we reach a crossroads. Should we turn left or right? It gives us clues as towhich way we can most quicklyachieve the best, healthiest, fullest and happiest life.

8/ What do the zodiac signs show and what do the star constellations show?

In astrosophy, the zodiac signs and the star constellations do not show types of people but the milestones of wholeness – how am I complete? How can I consciously live a full life? What do I have to pay attention to? What do I have to strengthen in myself? What kind of burdens (both mental and physical) should I get rid of?

The zodiac signs only show the work of our Ego. How our internal ego, or actually our soul thinks, comes from the messages of the star constellations. This is how we become whole :o).

The 12 houses and the 10 planets further refine these messages and draw us an energy map that gives us the opportunity to increase these creative energies to a maximum.

9/ What do the axes show?

There are two axes in astroscopes. One of them is the ascendant (ASC) and descendant (DSC) axis and the other one is the Imum Coeli (IC) and the Medium Coelli (MC).

The ASC-DSC axis – the ascendant (the rising point) is the symbol of the “Ego”, the descendant (the resting point) is the symbol of ”You”. The “Ego” shows the conscious me, how I see myself, while the “You” indicates the not fully conscious me or how the environment sees me or what I radiate to the environment unconsciously.

The IC-MC axis – the IC (the bottom of the sky) is the symbol of the past and the origin. It shows us where we are from, what or what kind of abilities we have brought with ourselves. The MC (the top of the sky) shows us where we are going, the kinds of tasks we have that are worth doing and the direction we are heading in.

10/ Does the computer or who draws the astroscope?

The astroscope is counted and drawn in each and every case by me. Of course, there are great computer programs, but these are missing a very important element, which is essential in drawing an astroscope and in using the rules – and that is intuition. This intuition helps me and the other astrosophers make it really personalized and awaken the slumbering soul of the given person and encourage them into action.

11/ Does the astroscope show us anything negative?

Absolutely nothing! The astroscope gives us the message of fullness and completeness. We need to know that the energy of the planets can be made to work at low and high levels as well. If we accept Hermes Trismegistus, who gave us his teachings thousands of years ago – “As above, so below, as within, so without” – then it depends solely on us what we choose to take from these energies since the rule of free will prevails in the Universe. Each and every day when we get up and we get out into the worls, we have only obstacle to face and that is ourselves!

We can create and we can destroy with words! Therefore, astrosophy shows us a possibility of how we can let the energy of the planets work on the highest level and how we can create a happy and full life with their help!

12/ Can the astroscope give us answers to Relationship Problems?

Of course. Many times it happens that we love the other very much but one conflict is followed by the other. If we deeply feel that He/She is the right one, then it is worth finding a solution in order to be able to live in harmony. The astroscope shows and helps us to understand why we have these conflicts, how we can solve them in another way than earlier or if there is any critical issue between us, how we can raise its energy.

13/ Can the astroscope help to build any harmonic relationship?

The answer is surprising, but yes. It often happens that we have such conflicts and fights with our kids, friends or even our business partners which have gone unresolved for years. It can even happen that there is such a critical issue that drives us even to the point of a break in the relationship.

If we would like to resolve this/these conflict(s) or we would like to get to know how the other unconsciously affects us and we would like to raise these energies and turn them in a positive direction, then it is worth taking a look together at the kind of cooperation method or common task that could lead us into a positive future.

14/ Is it possible to give an astroscope as a gift?

I think it is one of the most beautiful gifts – It is an opportunity to have a magical walk among the stars. To whom we would like to give this gift, it is an amazing chance to get answers to those questions that have come up before and perhaps one has never even dared to mention out loud. For centuries the stars have helped give direction to explorers, sailors and of course magicians. The stars, the star constellations and the planets in the astroscope bring us the timeless wisdom and it is a special gift in the fast-paced world of the 21st century.