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Have you ever realized that your dreams and desires got lost in the haze of the past and that you hardly even know where or when you lost your former cheerful and free self?

Have you ever felt that you have completely forgotten about yourself, the deepest reality of your being?

Is it possible that you were never really light, confident and determined?

As with practically everyone, you too would like to live in harmony. You try to create a balance between your family life, work and your personal preferences, but it is very difficult. Internal and external circumstances and expectations influence you on a daily basis, so it is easy to lose your footing. You can even lose control over your life when you feel you are standing on solid ground.

Do you recognize this in yourself? Then you should know that you are not alone!

I will accompany you on your journey, at the end of which you will get to know your stronger, more confident and capable self that has always been hiding within you. Checking out my website means you have already taken the first step towards change. Let your next step be daring to ask for help! Don’t worry because there is no such thing as a bad question or a bad answer. There are only actions that move you forward.

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Depending on personal preference, the sessions can take place online using Facetime, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.