dr. Zombori Zita

My name is dr. Zita Zombori. On the one hand, I’m a lawyer, a European cluster policy expert, a coach, while on the other hand a woman, a mother, a friend, a teacher, a chef, a gardener and I could list further :o)

I do like challenges, maybe it is therefore that „in both of my lives” I love to play “Lego” - build magical castles from brick not only in a physical but also in a spiritual sense.

Thanks to the training of the KPMG Academy, Bán Coaching & Supervisio and the Academy of Executive Coaching, I became a coach and developed my own method, to which I am adding the science of Astrosophy with great love. That's how „Your Inspiration Coaching” was born.

For thousands of years, the Stars have helped wanderers, sailors and, of course, magicians in their orientation. These Stars, Constellations, and Our Planets bring us the timeless wisdom.

With all this, I would like to help you to stop for a few moments in the rushing world of the 21st century, find a way back to ourselves and to the balance with the world!