Thank you for taking the next step and you are already reading these lines!

Coaching in my understanding is the „art of questioning.” My experience will help to raise the best question in the right place at the right moment, which will take you to the best solution. What is the best solution? In my opinion, it is always what we can stand out for, and which we are able to follow until the last step of our own will because it comes from within ourselves. I only provide motivation to get the inspiration in order to make the best decision as soon as possible. In this way, the adventure is precisely that you will experience plenty of surprises and discoveries that you had never imagined in your wildest dreams until we reach your goal together..

In this respect, it is also not a problem if you feel that you are stuck, that you don’t even know how to go forward and you cannot even define your goal or you even don’t like to look in the mirror, because you are not feeling confident and happy with yourself or even with the world. Just hang on there! If you have already defined that, then there are only a few steps from here to the solution!

During these expectedly 5-10 occasions it is ideal to meet on every2nd -4th week, so there is enough time to gain experience and to be able to proceed further with the next step in order to be able to live with confidence, energy, balance and joy in the world.

Have any questions or wish to make an appointment?

Depending on personal preference, the sessions can take place online using Facetime, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.