2020. - How are you feeling in the year of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter?

2020. - How are you feeling in the year of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter?

You may think that I am being unfriendly with this question, but I am truly curious! Almost seven months have passed – how are you managing with your New Year’s resolutions? Are you still dealing with them? Or have you already given up on them? Or have you simply forgotten about them?

In my first blog of this year, I wrote about the fact that for the creation of success, harmony and peace in our lives, a very special energy is available to us this year. I also wrote that it is worth taking advantage of this planet constellation since it only occurs very rarely.

Why is it special? In a nut shell, Jupiter is the wise teacher, faith and truth. Saturn is the master, self-evaluation, self-confidence, patience and experience. Pluto is the gigantic and awesome power by which even destiny can be changed. Thanks to the combined energy of these three planets, we may have felt that in one way or another we have once again reached a cross-roads and it is now impossible to chase away the thought that we need something different in a somewhat different way.

As with everything in our lives, so too are the last few months and all of the events in it a question of perspective or attitude … Everything and anything can be experienced as a bad thing or a good one - the only question is whether we are willing to look at the other side of the coin, to see the good in the bad or the silver lining?!

I wonder how flexible we are? I wonder how open we are to the new, to the unusual. In spring, we were afforded the much desired opportunity to spend almost 3 months within and with ourselves. Do you remember that? At first, everyone whined and grumbled about it, but then it turned out that we finally had time to tidy our flats, sift through our clothes in the wardrobe and our kids’ board games, have a nice coffee and breakfast in the morning before switching on our laptops … perhaps you even started meditating ... so, I hope you used this time well …:o)

Now it’s time to rest and to recharge ourselves!!! Don’t forget about that and do not underestimate the need for it! Especially not in 2020! We need rest and relaxation, sunshine, walks, a glass of cold rosé, a dinner on the terrace, a vanilla ice-cream with raspberry sauce, a hug from our sweetheart … These memories, good feelings and energy will help us, from September through to the winter solstice, to stand our ground even when we want to give up on everything, when we can’t find that particular “something different”.

Yet we have that already, we just have to be able to notice it! For this, we will need healthy self-confidence and self-evaluation because everyone is unique, strength to take the next step, guts and spirit to feel our deepest self and its messages, passion so that no-one can stop us and heavenly love with which creating is a miracle itself.

And aside from the above and rest, what else do we need? Nothing, just to believe in ourselves, in our abilities and capabilities! Take control of our own lives so that in 2020 even the impossible becomes possible, and resolutions come true!

p.s.: And how does the astroscope help us? It shows us who we really are, how our environment sees us, what kind of abilities and capabilities (even hidden ones) we have and where we are going. Actually, this is the best support to live our lives consciously in this apparent chaos and uncertainty.