30 … a lot or a little?
To Kriszta and Zoli with lots of love!

30 … a lot or a little?
To Kriszta and Zoli with lots of love!

Well … that depends … in grams it is a little. It is difficult to measure :o) And in years? It is relative, because everything is a question of comparison … If we look at the fact that we can spend at least so many years with one person, it is quite a lot … or is it rather a little? :o))

In the course of our lives, it is one of our biggest desires to find that man or woman with whom we can live in harmony, peace and happiness until the very end. Then, when we find them, we have to face the question of whether or not we have enough courage to trust our feelings and if we believe in all enveloping love, then to be able to express it and to finally stay with that man or woman for whom our hearts beat in our throats, for whom we have butterflies in our stomachs and we can hardly breath when we just think of them ...

… I hope that those of you who have read these few lines have experienced this kind of love, because I know that this is a feeling that not everyone can find. Many people even question the very existence of it. I belong to the lucky ones and I can say that it does exist. I clearly remember the moment when I saw this man one slightly gray March day on the top floor of an office building in Luxembourg...<3

They say that this kind of love finds most people in their 40s. At this age - respecting free will, of course - the greatest question is whether we continue living our lives unfulfilled in “a community of economic interest” or we take the risk, because we feel it deep in every cell of our body that it will be different, it will be good. We belong together ...

I have to make a note here, in brackets :o)), that an astroscope can be helpful in making this kind of decision. It is impossible to say the exact name of “the Man” or “the Woman”, but it is possible to say what kind of male or female energy can help us soar to the highest heights and this is not merely an illusion, but reality itself.

There are couples, like my dear friends, who experience success in this right at the first try, and there are others who can only manage it on the second or third try. This particular couple have been together for 30 years now, and the others hope to spend as much time together. The important thing is that it has happened and happens! And, as my dear friend said in her toast – one secret to this love is to be able to reignite the fire from the dormant embers again and again.

I would like to wish them strength and patience to keep the fire burning until the very end with one of the most beautiful Hungarian love poems of the world’s literature.

And so that even more people can feel and experience this fire, I will share the lines of Tóth Árpád not only in English, but in German as well!

Evening Halo

The path ahead has become velveted,

And body of shadows tumbled in the park,

But a delicate, soft evening halo appeared

Woven in the foliage of your hair so dark,

A pale, exquisite and solemn brightness,

Just hardly resembling any earthly lights,

Filtered into fragrance partly and silence

By the evening transmigration of things.

Fragrance and silence. The fragrance of secrets

Glimmered in your hair, and heavenly silence of peace,

And it was so good to live as never before,

And my heart imbibed the light through my eyes,

I knew no more if you were in fact you at all,

Or your dear body was the blessed burning bush

In which a god descended onto the earth,

And it was his soul trembling among the leaves?

I was standing there long, mesmerized and quiet,

And minutes passed and thousands of years came, -

All of a sudden you grasped my hands,

And my swooning lashes slowly opened,

And I sensed returning into my heart,

And beginning to flow with a pouring, deep tone

Like blood in the channels of benumbed veins

The worldly feeling how much I love you!

Strahlenkranz im Dämmerschein

Schon lag der Weg vor uns im Reifesglanz,

Und Schatten stürzten in den Park hinein,

Doch einen sanften, weichen Strahlenkranz

Flocht dir ins dunkle Haar der Dämmerschein:

Es war ein Glanz so zart, so tief und mild,

Kaum mehr der Strahlen irdisch Ebenbild.

Zu Duft, zu Stille halb, verklärt' ihn sacht

Die Seelenwanderung abendlicher Pracht.

Zu Duft und Stille. Duft der Heimlichkeit

Glänzt' dir im Haar, des Himmels Friedensstille;

Schön war das Leben wie zu keiner Zeit,

Ins Herz mir goss mein Aug des Glanzes Fülle:

Ich wusste nimmer: Bist du's wirklich auch,

Vielleicht dein liebes Ich ein Rosenstrauch,

Worin ein Gott zur Erde niedersteigt,

Dess' Seele durch das Laub sich zu mir neigt?

So stand ich lange schweigend, wie gebannt,

Minuten gingen, Jahre sanken nieder –

Und dann ergriffst du plötzlich meine Hand,

Und langsam öffneten sich meine Lider,

Da fühlte ich: ins Herz mir kehrt zurück,

Durchströmt mich rasch mit rauschender Musik

Wie's Blut erstarrte Adern, inniglich

Das irdische Gefühl: dich liebe ich!

Happy 30th anniversary Kriszta and Zoli! <3

p.s.: I love you!