A letter, but to whom? :o)

A letter, but to whom? :o)

Recently a young girl has contacted me to set her love life in order. Somehow she never finds the guy she is looking for. When I asked, whom actually is she looking for, she was not really ready to give an answer. So, we started the work from the very beginning, we talked about the let’s say “loves” so far. Slowly, slowly we had a clear picture about a long relationship with happiness at first and then more and more sadness from which it was not easy to get out. It turned out quickly there are still a few wounds gapping within her. She has never had the chance to heal them during a calm and peaceful chat. The sentence could never be finished and in several situations the first reaction was always the Old one. For this reason, a new guy did not even reach the third date.

I asked this dear girl for two exercises – first I asked for a list of qualities a Man should have, whom she would select as a Partner, secondly I asked her to write a ’Good bye letter’ to her old love expressing all the harms and sufferings so that, at the end of the letter she will be able to say goodbye with love without any anger.

You know, you can write this letter to not only an old love, but a past friend or maybe to a former business partner. The point is to write until we do not feel anger anymore and we ready to say out the phrase that seems to be a cliché, ’Do not cry because it is over, be pleased that it happened!’

In the spring trees have just sprouted blossoms, the fields are getting green and a new life is budding. If you want to move on and start a life with a clean slate and you do not have a chance for an in-person conversation, be brave and write a letter! You do not have to send it, just write it simply and then keep it as a memory or burn it! Please write in all the things which caused you pains and sadness. Please believe me, it is very important to a new and happy life to close your lines with love, because in this case you can take with you into the future just the lessons learned and your true heart. And so you can create anything as you did in your childhood … do you remember?

Try it! :o)