A true story 2.

A true story 2.

Half a year passed by in this misery when the first email arrived. Mark wrote at length about how he couldn’t live at home anymore and that he felt like he would die and that they should leave everything behind and fly away together – he even sent her a plane ticket.

Sophie repeatedly said “no”, but Mark would not give up...one idea followed the other… and when Sophie finally could no longer resist and said “yes”, Mark suddenly rejected her. Months had passed before Sophie recovered and she could smile again. It was then that she heard about Mark’s wife giving birth to twins...

How many years have passed since then? She didn’t count. She deeply buried every memory that was now unstoppably coming back to her...and what she really missed was the final discussion to end the relationship decently. “I have forgiven Mark and myself as well” - ran through Sohpie’s mind, “but maybe we both deserve that last hug...”…Sophie gathered all her strength to be able to stand up and head towards the door...

...the fire was still burning in the fire place when she wrapped herself up again in her favorite blanket and nestled herself into her armchair. Her tears quietly rolled down her face – humans are born with free will and yet each and every day when we wake up we must face a single obstacle and that is ourselves.

Her eyes were very heavy from exhaustion. It truly felt better to close her eyes. Before falling asleep, she heard the questions in her mind that she had not yet dared to raise to herself.

“Will I ever find such breathtaking Love again? And will he be brave enough to fight for this love and take responsibility for it? Will he have a lion’s heart to live a happy life and...”

...and soon fairies were watching over her dreams.