About me – Yupieeee! Holiday!

About me – Yupieeee! Holiday!

A few weeks ago during a morning coffee, a nice acquaintance said to me that he really likes my blog entries and enjoys reading them, but he finds them too political and feels that it is actually impossible to get to know anything about me from them or at any rate it is very difficult. I agree that it is not easy to get to know me, but I am sure that the few lines I commit to paper (oops! no! to website! :o)) each week deeply show how I think about the world. Looking at it from the point of view of astrosophy, the Master Saturn is in my 7th house, which means that the statement and its supplements are all true as well. And whatever else belongs to this should continue to remain a mystery!:o))

And if we are on this subject, I will also tell you that my Sun is in the 6th house. This means that I love to work. Honestly, I can’t live without it. I am really thankful to my Grandfather who taught me this and who is my role model in this respect.

So, the “Inspiration Coaching” started in April and as a result, I worked over the summer. Even at the weekends, I found myself sitting on the terrace with my laptop or counting and drawing astroscopes. And what can be the two most important traps in new enterprises? And if, on top of that, one’s Sun is in the house of work in their astroscope? The first is that you are the worst boss of yourself, because you never say „no” to yourself. The second is that you finally notice that you are working nonstop because you are most active where your Sun is :o)).

However, if we do not rest (enough), we (can) loose our inspiration and intuition! You know what I am talking about, don’t you? ;o) To prevent this from happening, one of my best friends, Kriszta, pulled me out of this work spiral for a few days and we did not stop until we got to the sea! Many thanks to her for that! :o) <3

No laptop, just sunshine, relaxation and Aperol Spritz! ;o) I wish the same to you all as well! Cheers! ;o)