On Sunday we lit our first candle on our Advent wreath. These four weeks before the winter solstice is the darkest and most magical time of the year. It is a time of inner journey when we prepare ourselves for the birth of Light and the coming Christmas.

According to tradition, these four weeks are an inner initiation path in which we can call upon the energy of the Milky way and its four supporting star columns to help us in this work.

The first star is the red-light Antares, which is the heart of the Scorpio star constellation. It is the symbol of the greatest and largest love. This is the only star with whose force we can hold on to, not only our spiritual, but our material world as well. With this force of love, we can say goodbye to those people, energies and objects for which time has run out as they are just poison to us. This is the love which has to start from us in order to be reciprocated. We can only be loved by others if we love and accept ourselves.

The next column, the blue-light Vega, is the alfa star of the Lute star constellation. It symbolizes the magic of music. Regardless of whether we listen to opera, classical music or rock, their melody relaxes us and shows us what we are like when we give ourselves over to the joy of existence and we are able to concentrate on the present.

The third column in the row is the yellow-light Capella. It is the brightest star of the Auriga star constellation located at the horn of the Taurus star constellation. With its help and energy, the gate that brings us Miracles opens up. Take notice of those moments, hear those words which can brighten your days, for which you can give thanks each night before you go to sleep. It is, after all, through giving thanks that the new, the better and the more beautiful … is born.

The fourth and final star on the path is the white-light Sirius, which shines in the star constellation of Canis Majoris. He himself is faithfulness – faithfulness towards ourselves, our abilities and capabilities and our dreams.

During this time period, the Sun passes through the Scorpio star constellation, which helps us (often pushes us) to mercilessly face ourselves and our lives, the above-mentioned burdens and pressures, our fears and illusions which hold us back from making an important decision and taking the next step. During these four weeks, we unwittingly feel that we would like to focus on ourselves, be by ourselves a little bit and withdraw in the evenings …

Of course, I am fully aware of the fact that the pre-Christmas rush has begun out there, which can easily zap anyone of their energy if they are not careful. I know that it is difficult to put aside the expectations because everything must be perfect…Nonetheless, please let me give you a little advice for this beautiful time, which I have learned from my own mistakes! Perhaps with these suggestions, you can spend more time with yourself and you have a better chance of accepting the energy of the Milky way and its columns (stars) and slowly you can decorate your hearts in attunement with Christmas.

1. Think over and plan as many things as possible beforehand – presents, cookies, food, dishes etc. What, when and where you will buy or order!

2. Be happy each and every day when you can check one thing off your list, because it is done! And don’t forget to be thankful for every little gesture you receive or at least think about them with gratefulness! New ones are born from these!

3. Believe me that the other members of the family are also absolutely capable of decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping the presents, icing the gingerbread cookies, setting the table etc. It might not be so perfect, but it is easier to coordinate than killing yourself doing each of the myriad tasks alone! They will surely be happy to help, just ask them!

4. It is written that if you can’t love someone, then be compassionate instead! During this time, you can see an incredible number of fretful, stressed-out people. If possible, please try to react in such situations with the greatest patience, don’t let these negative energies in and avoid taking them home.

Last, but not least!

5. Make time for yourselves each and every day! If you have time for everyone else, then you must find at least 15 minutes for yourself as well! A good coffee, a special tea, a delicious piece of chocolate, a handful of warm chestnuts… can make miracles! The world is like we are! Isn’t it?! Miraculous!

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are probably affected by Antares, Vega, Capella or Sirius, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.