April - the Creator of Something Real

April - the Creator of Something Real

I love sleeping by an open window. There was only one week this winter and early spring when it was so cold or we had such huge wind that I had to close it. Towards the end of February, it was really uplifting to hear the birds chirping – this was the first sign that this year spring will also surely come. ;o) Nowadays I wake up around 4 a.m. to really loud and abandoned symphony and I love it. It calms me and recharges me. Right now, we really need our strength and best abilities, so this week it is worth putting them into action. Why?

Last week we left off with “this whimsical April 2021 will bring us and show us new opportunities and choices in unfamiliar and unknown ways”

This weekend, the Sun in reaching the Aries star constellation will be in conjunction with Mercury, Venus and Uranus.

Quick recap – Among other things, the Aries star constellation is the symbol of the beginning, the new, risk-taking and the fact that you have to leave the old path in favor of the new and untrodden one!”

The sun symbolizes at the highest level that I love myself and I radiate love. I see my life and myself and I rule over them. The active force is in my hand.

Mercury shows that I am able to understand others and make myself understood by them. I am intellectually energetic and active. I pay attention to my words and speak nicely. I can read the signs/signals perfectly well and I understand them. There is order around me and I am able to think in terms of systems.

Venus symbolizes that I am creative, inventive and productive and I do my job in an artistic way. Harmony, peace and balance reside within me and I live love.

With Uranus I am capable of renewal. I let the new into my life and I am flexible. I free myself from my fears and I live my freedom. I listen to my unexpected intuitions and follow them.

In a nutshell - we are able to really live and experience our lives well if we do this freely and we do not operate according to the expectations of others but play by our own rules.

As I wrote last time, we actually always have another choice, the only uncertainty is whether we are brave enough and have enough will-power to carry it out. At such times Master Gábor Molnár’s classic sentence “I am bummed out because I don’t know who I am!” :o))) is very fitting. But you know it is already a huge step forward if somebody honestly says out loud that he/she is simply lazy to do this or that and would rather accept the situation as it is. It’s alright if somebody chooses this path, because they already know “who they are!” At this point, the next important step is that in this case, we don’t blame the world and those around us etc. for our life, our path but try to enjoy what we have.

The first rule of the universe is the law of free will – under all circumstances, everyone chooses for themselves! This must be respected! It is only allowed to help and support others if they ask for it. If they don’t want anything to do with us or with our help, we cannot force it on them. It can happen that nowadays we no longer feel good in the company of a group of friends or one friend because it is hard to helplessly sit by and watch their suffering, listen to their complaints or whining etc. We notice that in the past we always recharged and now we feel extremely tired very quickly in such company and can hardly wait to get home.

The above-mentioned Sun-Mercury-Venus conjunction will form a creating aspect with Master Saturn this weekend. He brings us eternal values and with him we rule our time and can create quality time. We are able to recognize and surpass our limits and barriers. We go forward step by step with patience and humility. And it’s true! Our master is currently travelling in Aquarius, with which we can write our new future.

The end of this April will bring us the opportunity that by understanding the past, winning over (or managing) our fears we can with all our energy create new values and a new life that will be real and true. This creative energy of the five planets will give us the chance to easily recognize appearances and honestly admit and happily leave them behind us. This means, among other things, that I am willing to tell the truth about the previously-mentioned relationships and say goodbye if the time has truly come. You know that there are people who follow us throughout out whole lives and others who are only there during certain periods.

I would like to warn you that at low levels Uranus is explosive and causes nervousness. If you feel this way in the next few days, then immediately go out into the green, take a deep breath, walk, calm down and only after that, go back to your daily tasks.

I think that you who is reading this blog entry already knows what in your life is real and what is appearance! And you surely also remember your childhood dreams! If you haven’t already done so, the time is now to make them come true! It might happen by tomorrow but it could also be the day after tomorrow! The main thing is that from now on each day you take one small step towards it and it will be yours! This is the Heaven it is worth getting to while still on Earth. The energy surrounding us is amazing! If it feels that you use it, then it supports you…in each and every small step. And it is brilliant! Really :o)) Go on! I am rooting for you!

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Master Saturn, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.