Around and around?

Around and around?

A few years ago, one of my female acquaintances told me that in her opinion, dealing with astrology or even astrosophy is utter nonsense since the exact same things happen every single year.

Well … that conversation popped into my head this Saturday when one of my students asked me how long it takes the various planets to travel once around. Do you know?

Let’s take a look :o))

- The Sun takes 1 year

- the Moon takes approximately 28 days

- Mercury takes approximately 88-90 days

- Venus takes 224 days

- Mars takes 687 days

- Jupiter takes 11 years and 315 days

- Master Saturn takes 29 years and 167 days

- Uranus takes 84 years

- Neptune takes 164 years and 285 days

- and Pluto takes 249 years.

From these numbers, we can easily see that there are planets that meet often, like the Moon, who meets with each planet every month, but there are other meetings that are very rare. They only happen once every 10, 100 or even 1000 years. One of the rarest meetings is the conjunction of Jupiter, Master Saturn and Pluto in 2020 or the shining of the star of Bethlehem (the conjunction of Jupiter and Master Saturn) at Christmas time in 2020. Stemming from these, there are such aspects which have an impact on our lives several times and others that never happen in our lifetimes. Just in brackets and silently, I am telling you that right now we can’t complain about this ;o))

The movement of the planets is closely connected to the movement of the universe. Approximately every 75 years it moves 1 degree in the cosmic direction. Of course, each and every cycle begins with Aries and ends with Pisces. But! It totally matters whether we are talking about zodiac signs or star constellations. Why?

You may remember when I wrote about the fact that the zodiac signs were artificially created in Babylon about 2500 years ago from the 12 star constellations that the Sun meets in its yearly path. At that time, the 0 degree of the Aries zodiac sign coincided with the beginning of the Aries star constellation. With the movement of the universe, this 0 degree of the Aries zodiac sign is now in the Eastern Pisces star constellation and in 800 years it will be in the future waters of the Aquarius star constellation. The location is different and already! the meaning is different as well. For example, if my ascendant is very close to the 0 degree of the Aries zodiac sign and it is in the Eastern Pisces star constellation, then I might react in a given situation very impulsively and stubbornly, and then in the evening I may realize that I left my soul out of this situation – I should have thought about it more deeply, I should have summarized or assessed my response before I blurted it out… Eight hundred years from now, this fire and stubbornness of Aries will still be contained in the meaning of the ascendant, but with this force, the task won’t be to sum up, but to put fears aside and to write down the new future.

Perhaps now you understand that not only is every year different, but every month and even every single day is different since energy is in constant motion and through this, so are we. We actually make a cycle every year and come back around but it is important whether we arrive at the exact same point or with some lessons learned and experience gained we arrive at a higher level. This is what is called “spiral” development.

The first rule of the Universe is free will. Accordingly, everyone can decide if they are going to stay stuck in something – excuse my bluntness, but “comfortably shitty” situation or move forward. It is believed that with the natural flow of Life, men become wise teachers and women become magicians. However, this can only happen if we dare to take the next step.

What am I actually trying to say with all this? The planets give us energy for these exact steps. Always differently. This is why it is worth paying attention to the Sky :o)) and to build these energies into our everyday lives, consciously ;o))

This week, the conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Neptune will support us. This week, we can achieve harmony and balance with relaxation or meditation, which will help us to feel/experience kindness and love better. With this energy, we can make our environment, daily lives and work more beautiful, soft and creative. For us women, it is worth supporting that most important man in our lives with this embracing energy.

I wish you an amazing week!

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Sun, Venus and Neptune, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.