August – hurray, wedding day!

August – hurray, wedding day!

Going to the hairdresser is always a great way to have a good time – those women who don’t go to a psychologist, a coach, a kinesiologist or a fortune-teller can share their hassles and problems here. You can hear really interesting stories about friendships, relationships, guys, parties and sex…:o)

But if it is August, then naturally the great majority of the stories are about brides, wedding ceremonies or wedding parties. My hairdresser only accepts “wedding hairstyles” in very rare cases. In her opinion, a complete study could be written about how the innocent bride transforms into a “monster bride”. One of her clients required six trial wedding hairdos… and that was just the hair…:o). Then, the question arises - what would happen if the grooms saw what the ladies become during this preparation time?!...

All of this reminds me of a nice cocktail evening in Venice where we talked about the meaning of friendship, love and marriage and how they all interconnect? Finally, we agreed that our partners are our very best friends whose values are the same as ours and with whom we can talk about everything and anything. We can discuss everything, even if the topic is unpleasant, but we trust in each other and we dare to entrust ourselves to the other even with our eyes closed. Finally, we can laugh in the most impossible situations, which helps us to get through the rainy days.

Dear brides and grooms! This is the kind of partner I wish for you for all your lives!

And one more small thing – this year after 20 August, the Sun will be in conjunction with Venus and Mars in the Leo constellation. In a nutshell, this is the time of love! Forging and creating something with love and ruling over our lives can only be accomplished in such a happy/loving state. It is worthwhile to gain strength in this now! And, if you can, spend as much time as possible with whom or what you can truly experience this force with! ‹3