Autumn Solstice

Autumn Solstice

Just a few weeks ago, we looked up at the sky and prayed for cooler weather and now autumn is already here. It arrived suddenly and on Wednesday evening the sun will reach the 0 degree of the Libra zodiac sign. This will be the official beginning of making order and preparing for this year’s special Christmas.

If this Christmas is to be special, then autumn leading up to it can’t be boring either, can it?! :o)) Over the last 2 years, we have gotten used to challenges, sudden changes, and being flexible. Therefore, it will come as no surprise to anyone if, following the autumn solstice, the time of making order is entertaining and exciting fun. ;o))

The first step/opportunity for this will already arrive this Wednesday on the day of the Solstice itself. The planet of communication, Mercury, will make a creating aspect with Pluto, the planet which symbolizes the fire of the soul and passion. This is when my friend, Zsuzsa, usually tells me “Understandably my dear! I don’t understand any of this!”. :o)) And I haven’t even added to this that Mercury is already travelling in the future leg of the Virgo star constellation and Pluto at the releasing hand of the Sagittarius star constellation. Moreover, he is retrograde, which in earthly language means that tasks or opportunities can come back again or return! So don’t let it pass you by! Ok, no worries! I will summarize it all…:o)))…So, this creating aspect of Mercury and Pluto can bring about not only passionate, but life-changing discussions even if you have already passed up these opportunities previously.

What do you have to pay attention to in terms of passion? Just simply that you don’t get pulled down into the deep end but rather that it gives you the power to soar ;o)) It really does matter whether a particular discussion turns into a hateful debate versus a blissful exchange of ideas. Instead of getting stuck in the past, move forward with this energy, past your shadows and instead of being bitter, build something, and try to understand the point of view of others and rather than being hateful and discriminating accept their perspective without prejudice and stereotyping!

And how exactly is this aspect life-changing? It is time for making order; therefore, it can happen that destiny/life/the Universe (call it what you will) gives you the opportunity in connection with a situation that is very important to you to settle it or to give it closure. It is also possible that you will finally be able to sit down with a particular person with whom this was impossible until now…Or you finally get an appointment… Or you suddenly meet Mr. or Mrs. Right…It would be great to list them all, but destiny/life/the Universe is always producing such situations that we can’t even imagine or dare to dream of. It is also possible to get back lost opportunities…If an opportunity is given this week, don’t run away from it. Take the chance, because the fire of the soul is supporting you now. Courteously, elegantly, clearly, gallantly and with love say out loud those things for which the time has come and put a dot at the end of old things in order to be able to start something New. And this is truly exciting and entertaining fun! :o))

PS.: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mercury und Pluto, because its energy can be raised more easily from now on.