Batteries recharged?

Batteries recharged?

How was your weekend? How did you spend your time?

The creative energy of the five planets convinced my girlfriends and I to step out of the city for the first time in a long time and head for one of Hungary’s mountain ranges. We didn’t even stop until we reached Bükkszék where my dear friend, Mező Böbe, awaited us in her Bükki Villa with all its comforts ( The only question was what the exact plan would be for the weekend in the spirit of “creation”. We hoped that the weather wouldn’t disappoint us and would shine down on us. From here the plan was totally obvious – rest, relax, eat good food, sleep, walk in the forest, sun-bathe, enjoy one massage after the other, meditate and take in the vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls, remove the pressure on our shoulders, clearly recognize the real and the appearance, recharge and last but not least, conjure the future and laugh a lot.

The most genius thing in this plan was that only the meal times were fixed and all the other programs were completely randomly organized. Seven women together! – pheeeeew – a lot of you are probably shaking your head :o))) And guess what – everything went perfectly, like the cogs of a clock. Everything happened at the right time and the way that was best for us.

Thanks to Böbe’s exceptional caring and soft embraces, we didn’t recognize ourselves on Sunday morning – our wrinkles had completely vanished, the lines smoothed out and we just smiled. The world was perfect once again and the store of opportunities became unlimited once again. My gratitude and many thanks!

In this little Bükkszék heaven, the creative energy of these five planets were in the hands of these 7 women. I hope that you were all able to experience it this past weekend as well!

We will already need it this coming weekend when Mercury and Pluto will be in a rising aspect. Pluto will help us consolidate what we came to understand last weekend and start something new with the help of Mercury, travelling in the Taurus star constellation. Pluto is currently changing its direction, moving backwards in a cosmic direction (the opposite direction of the Sun’s path) and will return at the Sagittarius star constellation at the point where his hand releases the arrow. What does this draw our attention to? If you have already started making the future come true, don’t turn back! Keep moving forward and really leave behind everything that is unnecessary, everything that you have come to realize was unreal and only appearance (illusion).

At this point, we usually shrug our shoulders and say “Well, this is easy for me and I’m pushing forward!” But if we really think about it and we are honest with ourselves, sometimes the temptation to down-play things is too great – my girlfriend or friend didn’t really use me so badly or I know this job well even if I feel horrible here etc. If such things come up for you, please concentrate and focus on the future! Remember with fondness all those good things that happened in the past but also those moments that helped you decide to choose a different path! You know that even just resisting temptation and not turning back towards the past is a small step towards the new future…we just stop for a moment to gather our strength, take a deep breath and say out loud “Watch out world! Here I come!” … and we have already set out! :o))

PS1: If you decide that, within the framework of spring renewal and recharging, you would like to visit the Bükki Villa and get to know Böbe, please do not hesitate to call or write her and refer to this blog entry and me :o)) ( I wish you all a very pleasant rejuvenation!

PS2: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mercury and Pluto, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.