“Beethoven is the Mozart of music”

“Beethoven is the Mozart of music”

Everybody usually has a good laugh at this sentence. Actually, it could easily be Tchaikovsky, Elton John, Gábor Presszer or even me, with my 10 years’ of music experience, or you who are reading this short blog right now.

Your first reaction to this is probably that I have completely lost my mind. But believe me – I haven’t! The truth is that each and every human being is born with some kind of talent. Often with more than one. The only question is whether this given person - or even you yourself - has already discovered it or is standing at the doorstep of its discovery.

I have already written that there are two axes in an astroscope.

As a reminder, the Ascendant - Descendant axis shows the conscious me who I am or how I see myself, and how the environment sees me or what I radiate to the environment, unconsciously.

For the current topic, the IC-MC axis is more important because it shows us what or what kind of abilities we have brought with ourselves, where we are going and the kinds of tasks we have ahead of us.

Based on our schooling, we can state two things with certainty – one is that during the Sun’s yearly orbital path, it meets with 14 star constellations in the sky, of which 12 were used to create the Babylonian zodiac signs. They divided the 360 degrees by 12. I would like to add, in brackets, that the Earth is not flat and that, as with everything else in the Universe, she is in continuous motion.

The other thing, which comes logically from the previous point is that if we take the 360 circle as a base, then it is essentially impossible for the IC part of the above mentioned IC-MC axis not to cross paths with something.

The only remaining question then is “what does the IC cross paths with?” Most definitely with one zodiac sign and at least one star constellation. From this we can deduce that each and every human being is born with some kind of special ability.

So, even if You are not the Mozart of music, you can still be the Mozart of writing blogs or something else! :o) If you haven’t discovered your talent yet, I would just like to encourage you to trust your intuition and, if it knocks on your door, do not hesitate to explore it … it is never too late to be or become a “Mozart” …:o))