Being different!

Being different!

On first reading this, it doesn’t seem to be a very rewarding opportunity or task, but I think this too is a question of view point.

I am lucky because I managed to learn quite early on that “everything happens for us and for a specific reason”. When you hear this for the first time, you probably find it rather silly. Then, from time to time, from year to year, but more often from life stage to life stage it turns out that each and every thing that happened and happens in our life has a specific cause. It just isn’t always revealed immediately. Sometimes we have had to wait a few weeks, months or even years to get the answer. And what was my challenge? To find the silver lining in each story and experience.

We knew that the energy of 2020 would be special. Why? Because of the impact of the collective energy and force of three planets – Jupiter, the wise teacher, faith and truth, Saturn, the master, self-evaluation, self-confidence, patience and experience and Pluto, the gigantic and awesome power by which even destiny can be changed. At the beginning of January I wrote that “it can easily happen that this year you will reach some kind of crossroads in your life”.

That crossroads is here now. Earth has warned us several times – volcanic eruptions, bird flew, wildfires… -, when the balance was disturbed. And now it is disturbed. The time has come to stop and think.

Let’s take a look at the good side of this virus! Do you remember your partner’s favorite color, dish, movie or book or have you spoken nowadays about his/her plans for the future? Do you know who your kids’ best friends are, who they are in love with or what their dreams are at the moment?

I believe in fairy tales, in Miracles and true love’s kiss. I am grateful to my Grandparents and Old Cat that they have strengthened this faith in me. The fairy tales are true. The only question is whether we make them true or not? Now you finally have time to do this! Don’t delay! Make them come true!