When I began writing my blog entries 2 years ago, I immediately dived head first into “change” :o)). Three blogs were born about this change, the essence of which I will summarize right now – although, if you have time and you feel like it, just look back at those earlier entries :o))

Well, I remember well the meeting that inspired those writings. I ran into one of my old friends who, after his first sip of coffee, instantly started to complain about how much he was working, going from one meeting to the next, with no chance of returning calls to everyone on his list of people who had called that day and so on … I also wrote about the fact that this is a treadmill from which it is difficult to get off of and it gets worse day by day. I experienced it myself and it is exactly from this experience that I came up with a few ideas about how it could be improved, but the answer I got for each idea was that “it’s impossible” or “that’s not the way it’s done”. When I asked “have you at least tried it?” the immediate reaction was “it would be a waste of time”.

Based on my experiences of years of coaching processes, I can say that one of the biggest surprises is when it turns out that the person involved isn’t even certain about whether they want to get off the treadmill at all. It is probably enough for them to complain to someone and then move on. (I would like to note here that you should not take this complaint on yourself in such cases! This belongs to him or her, and it should stay with them. You listened to it, spent time with them empathically and you have done more than enough :o))

We are all afraid of change because change always contains the unknown. And then weeks/months later, the question arises in us – “What would have happened if I had tried?” “What would have happened if I had asked?” etc.

I think we can all agree that in such situations – in work, in relationships, in friendship, in business … -, where we don’t feel good anymore, we always have basically two choices – change or stay put.

Surprisingly, in the case that we stay, we have two choices again – suffer or get stronger. I wouldn’t suggest suffering because eventually it leads to illness. (Here I would like to refer to Imre Csernus’ book Men in which the writer describes this very well.) At first just rarely and then more and more often and with more and more serious symptoms. Therefore, if we decide to stay, then the best way is to learn. We learn to manage the situation, consciously pay attention to how we can feel good about ourselves under such circumstances and conditions and how we can make the best of it.

I remember well when I decided to stay and I thought that shopping would help. It worked for a while, but then I realized that instead of collecting things, I should do something more sensible and worthwhile. At such times a cookie class can help or a good run or walk or exercise 2-3 times a week or learning a new language. These are much better and useful solutions in the long-term, although at some point you will get to the place I also got to – there is nothing left but …

… the third option. Change becomes unavoidable. From that point on, I did everything to make that pleasant feeling or vibration that ran throughout my body when I thought about the new – come true and become a part of my everyday life.

I have often referred to the first rule of the Universe, which is the law of free will. Each of us makes our own decisions and we all have to feel, deep down what it is we really want and where we want to go. Personally, I tried all the above-mentioned options and I still agree with the advice of my teacher, Zsuzsa Bán – “You should definitely change the known path for the unknown one!” :o))

From time to time, the energy of the stars offers unique support and assistance in order to make this decision real more quickly. Such special help is the inspiring aspect of master Saturn and Mars this July 1st. This energy means that it is time to let go of everything which holds you back or prevents you from controlling your OWN life and being the Master of your OWN life!

If the idea of change has already come up for you and you want it to happen, then perhaps the most important thing is that you believe that you are capable of doing it! You are able to take that first step! :o)) Do you remember? Just go up the spiral steps because you will surely see the next step! :o)) Mars and Master Saturn will help you now to take the first step! :o))

PS.: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mars and Master Saturn, because its energy can be raised more easily from now on.