Crazy Valentine’s Day

Crazy Valentine’s Day

There are several beautiful places in the sky whose energy is worth swimming in, but there is one among them which stands out the most. This is the overlap between the Capricorn and Aquarius star constellations, which is simply known as the most fertile area of the sky. Why? Because the amazing waters of Aquarius pour down onto the soil symbolized by Capricorn making it fertile. This place is like the river bank of the Nile in Egypt or the Amazon region in Brazil. Everything is fresh and green.

Our Sun travels through this heavenly fertile area during the first two weeks of February. Our central star symbolizes the following: I love myself and I radiate love. I see my life and myself and I rule over them.

The Aquarius star constellation strengthens this clear sightedness now, making it possible to create new things. This is our first opportunity in 2021 to face ourselves and see, without a mask, how we operate. Together with this, it is always a great occasion to solve long-standing extremely crappy situations, which not only offers relief but also new possibilities.

That’s all well and good, but what if someone doesn’t love themselves … or even worse …

During analyses, I come across the situation several times when the given person doesn’t love him or herself at all and is only able or willing to value themselves if it is done by someone else from the outside world or by their partner. Let’s not even talk about the case when neither the outside world nor one’s partner does it …

Recently, I have started watching, with great interest, lectures given by psychologist Várszegi Réka on shame, abuse, self-harm, love, self-esteem etc. Like her, I don’t like and wouldn’t like to badger anybody now to love themselves because that definitely won’t work just by itself.

What does the Scripture say? “If you can’t love them, at least don’t hurt them!” This applies to ourselves as well – we all owe ourselves to at least not hate ourselves. Just think, for example, about how many things you do for others that you don’t do at all for yourself. Please dedicate three days just to paying attention to this! The results will be remarkable!

After that, as the energy perfectly supports you in this now, please take another three days to treat yourself as you do others – for example, talk nicely to yourself, forgive your mistakes since the world hasn’t crumbled, feel sympathy for yourself if you are sad and most importantly don’t beat yourself up anymore, but rather allow yourself to have a calm evening or relaxing bath and so on. This means nothing other than – as Réka also says – I accept the fact that I am human. I just decide to make friends with the person I am, imperfect, sometimes fragile, sometimes weak and sometimes even grumpy ...

And then when I get used to being as kind, polite, courteous, sweet, friendly, helpful and empathetic to myself, as I am with others, I slowly realize that “oh, I think – surprisingly-I love myself!” And what could be better at the end of a story than a “Happy end”! :o))) But just so that we excitedly await the next episode! :o)))

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Sun, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.