Create? Okay, but how?

Create? Okay, but how?

This week, the sun will reach the next station of its yearly path, the Taurus star constellation. Taurus symbolizes material safety in astrology, both in the horoscope and the astroscope. Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus, shines in this star constellation, which was considered to be one of the World’s pillars. (There are four of them. I will write more about them later.) This pillar proclaims that the spiritual force turns life into productivity. According to the spirit of Taurus, Life is beautiful and if you enjoy living, then you can create your material safety, as well. So far so good – we may think, but now let’s talk about how? What are the specifics?

Last week, I wrote about the fact that all of us have the so-called loving, creative force, which can best be awakened by art, music, dance and love, all of which are also appreciated by Taurus. As a first step, I recommend drinking a glass of fine wine, eating a delicious piece of cake or an even more exciting piece of chocolate, hum your favorite song or tune and even allow yourself to dance … enjoy the warm caresses of the sun’s rays, and give yourself over to passion, the inner fire of the soul.

Once you’ve got this, the next step can come – listen to your intuitions! Not only will passion bring the ideas to you, but it will also reveal the necessary forms or steps to implement them, as well! Replace tension and stress, with thoughtful attention and smile!

At this point it is common to hear the expression - “Easier said than done!” Believe me, I know what you have to face. But there is a solution! Sit down with a hot cup of coffee and write a two-column list. On the left side, collect your fears and worries, and then, on the right side, write down their positive opposites. For example, the positive opposite of “I’m afraid of becoming ill” is “I am healthy”. Or, “I am afraid of not earning enough money” becomes “I earn so much money that the sky is the limit” and so on. It is very important that the positive statements be in the present tense because creation happens in the “Here and Now”.

When the list is ready, fold it in half and place the positive column on the fridge, the mirror, the front door…, anywhere where you will see it at least once or twice a day. Read it carefully at least once every day and close your eyes for a moment and feel this energy flow through your body...and suddenly you will find that you can manage life’s challenges more easily and you begin to create all that you desired. Even if you get a little scared in a given situation – which can happen-, you will instantly know the next step AND you will laughingly tell your fears: “Hey buddy, I’ll tell you how it is going to be...”:o)) Is it “okay” now? :o)