Dear All,

Dear All,

Summer is slowly coming to an end. At this moment, for most Hungarian speakers, the next line will automatically jump to mind “… cool winds are blowing ...” At this point, the winds are merely caressing our faces gently, but the evenings are already getting quite chilly, the mosquitoes in the garden are starting to disappear as the sun sets and you can smell that particular, unique scent foretelling us that autumn is inevitably almost here. Once again, we are all ready to jump back into work and school with full force and to take on the last four months of this year with all its many challenges and hurdles.

Those who discovered the advantages of the previous 8, or rather 6 months will definitely find the opportunities in the next 4. Nowadays, communication may have the greatest impact on our lives. In one day, we make as many connections through our various devices (smart phones, PCs, laptops, etc.) as we did in one year in the 80s. It is said that if we consider communication to be 100%, then words are only 7% of that and both body language and energy vibrations make up the remainder in an almost 50/50 proportion.

I personally include in this energy vibration the vibrations of the planets in our Solar system as well – even the most rational of thinkers accept that in a given situation, a solar flare can totally disrupt mobile phone services because in our Solar system, the Sun rules as it is the central planet. It is also accepted that the moon causes the phenomenon of high and low tides with the movement of the seas and oceans. And it has also been proven that the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction can completely turn our lives upside down and I could go on and on … Whether we like it or not, accept it or not, these energies definitely have an impact and effect on us in one way or another. Furthermore, if they influence us, then we should use them at their highest frequency level! For this reason, I have decided that for those who have already started on the path of a (more) conscious life and have committed themselves to continuing it in the upcoming four months, but do not yet have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), I would like to share what quality and high quality vibrations the planets of our Solar system represent in our lives:

Sun – I love myself and I radiate love. I see my life and myself and I rule over them.

Moon – I am able to change and make change. I am kind and accepting. I pay attention to my intuitions and listen to them. I have the kind of love that allows me to embrace, nurture and also to release or let go and I am able to use it.

Mercury – I am able to understand others and make myself understood by them. I am intellectually energetic and active. I pay attention to my words and speak nicely. I can read the signs/signals perfectly well and I understand them. There is order around me and I am able to think in terms of systems.

Venus – I am creative, inventive and productive. I am a creator and I do my job in an artistic way. Harmony, peace and balance reside within me and I live love. (For women – I ama beautiful and amazing woman and I shine my beauty outwards toward the Universe! :o) <3)

Mars – I am a straight-forward person. I am eager, energetic and courageous. Movement is a part of my life. I turn consciously toward the world, and I provide my environment with an uplifting force.

Jupiter – I talk with my inner self and believe in myself. I am wise, honest, true and fair with myself and others as well. I am forgiving. I teach with grace and joy. I am able to think long-term.

Master Saturn – I am valuable. I create everlasting things. I rule my time and can create quality time. When necessary, I am present and when needed I am concentrated and can get myself into a focused state. I am able to recognize and surpass my limits and barriers. I make progress step-by-step with patience and modesty. I am worthy of knowledge and to “step over the threshold”.

Uranus – I am capable of renewal. I let the new into my life and I am flexible. I free myself from my fears and I live my freedom. I listen to my unexpected intuitions and follow them.

Neptune – I live in heavenly harmony and my most beautiful dreams come true. I am one with myself and with the energy of the universe. I live the “Unio Mystica” and heavenly love.

Pluto – I am passionate and I live and work with passion. I am capable of total renewal, change and creating my new world.

Good work and bon voyage! :o))