Dear Erika :o) – Four weeks and it’s Christmas?

Dear Erika :o) – Four weeks and it’s Christmas?

On Sunday, the Sun reached the Antares star, which is the heart of the Scorpio star constellation and the only star that is considered by the science of astrosophy to be the column of the Milky Way and the World as well. (a later detailed blog about this topic.) This is the star that symbolizes “unconditional love and the everlasting fire of the deepest love”, according to Veres Mónika. “This is the fire around which people can get warmed up and recharged so that they can continue the sometimes difficult and challenging weekdays with this renewed energy”.

And this time period has enough challenges. The four weeks of the year when we prepare our souls for the winter solstice, the birth of Light and Christmas, starts now.

The Scorpio star constellation is the star constellation of the magicians and wizards. However, we can only do magic if we do it with love and we are free from our fears and burdens. We can only free ourselves from these if we move inwards – we think about whether we are in the right place, whether we have done everything we planned, whether there are energies, objects and/or perhaps people to which the time has come for us to say goodbye with love because – let’s be honest - they have become burdens in our lives. The time for this release has arrived. It is hard to watch people running around from shop to shop instead of doing this inner work and preparation...increasingly stressed and unfriendly...Will their lives really be perfect this way in four weeks? Will Christmas really be perfect this way?

Christmas will be perfect even if it isn’t stuffed full of gifts, the dinner isn’t five courses and there aren’t 10 different types of cookies. But it will be particularly perfect if no arguments erupt over stupid and silly incidents like which napkins would have been better for this evening or how they should have been folded etc.

And when is it truly perfect? If we have paid attention to ourselves and to our souls and we have been able to “ready our hearts”. (The cherry on the cake is if that little something that we have been dreaming about is under the tree.) If we are preparing to tell our favorite stories, to talk, to eat delicious food, to open a bottle of fine wine or prosecco and to have some good laughs around the Christmas table. And at the end of the day we won’t feel anything other than that we were able to get warmed up by the fire!

For this work I wish you strength, patience and perseverance! Just so that we can answer the question in the title - “Yes! Four weeks and it’s Christmas!” :o) <3