December 13, Saint Lucy’s Day

December 13, Saint Lucy’s Day

In Hungary, December 13 is a special day, Saint Lucy’s Day. Few days in the calendar are connected with as many beliefs and customs as this day is. Historically, this was the day on which the fertility-magic of animals and grain happened and the making of the chair of Lucy was begun. It is a very special chair – it had to be ready by the midnight mass on December 24 and could not contain any metal. There are some areas in the countryside where as many as nine different types of wood were used to create it. And what did they do with the round three- legged chair? People took it with them to the midnight mass to stand on in order to be able to see and tell who among the churchgoers were witches.

Nowadays, while much of these habits have been forgotten, one thing still remains in everyone’s mind – this is the day of magic. It is not only worth doing magic on December 13, 2020 because of this custom, but also because that is what the stars are telling us to do. :o)

This year on Lucy’s Day, the Sun will be in conjunction with Mercury and the descending Lunar node at the stinger of the Scorpio star constellation.

During its annual path, the Sun meets the moon twice and these junctures are called Lunar nodes. In astrosophy, the two Lunar nodes symbolize, among other things, the inner dragon. The ascending Lunar node depicts the condition when we wake up in the morning and we are no longer in the dream realm, but we have also not yet fully arrived in the material world. You know! When we are still a little bit muddle-headed :o). And the descending Lunar node reflects the condition when we lie down in our beds at night and we are neither here nor yet in dreamland. Actually, these are the two situations, which are easily achieved by meditation. At these times, or rather in this state, we are most able to overcome the inner Dragon and quiet him when he chants in our ears “Don’t relinquish control to your intuitions! Don’t listen to your gut feelings! Don’t replace the familiar path with a new one!” and so on. You all know these sentences well, don’t you? ;o))

Why is this important? Because the stinger of the Scorpio star constellation, where the above-mentioned conjunction takes place, is found at the fissure of the Milky way, also known as the engendering fissure. It is the place in the sky which explains why, between Saturday and Monday, we should totally rule our thoughts, their destructive power and switch off the outer world and create a new reality! I am sure you have all experienced that with your thoughts and feelings you can create anything! For this reason, it is worth it, or rather I should say it is a must during these three days to switch off the tv and the news and have good honest discussions, bake Christmas cookies, deeply breath in the scents, get lost in magical fairy tales, concentrate on miracles and feel the soft touch of the wings of angels on our faces, calmly dream about the future in the present, fall into a deep and peaceful sleep giving thanks for all the beautiful things…

I wish you all a magical weekend with lots of love!

And if you would like to see some witches on Christmas Eve, don’t forget to start making your Lucy chair!:o)))

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Sun and Mercury, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.