Is there really a Dragon or Wild boar at every workplace who makes people’s lives miserable?

Is there really a Dragon or Wild boar at every workplace who makes people’s lives miserable?

I met a Y generation girl, who, among others, turned to me with her problems at her workplace. She now works at her 3rd workspace. In the last few weeks she has realized that her colleagues who have just arrived, have already left. We talked quite long about what is good and what is wrong at her work. One of the worst things on her bad list is that there is a Dragon among her colleagues …. (not from the Targaryen family, of course. Good news for Game of Thrones fans :o))

I am lucky that having worked as an M&A lawyer and later on as a cluster political expert life let me meet with a lot of people coming from different cultures. I would like to calm everyone down, there are Dragons and Wild boars everywhere. But as to each secret room, there is also a key to them. (For example, she could be the little girl, to whom her mother did not crouch then and there and she has been collecting poison ever since, passing them on to her surroundings)

We also have a choice here – we run away, but in this case we will surely meet with the next Dragon or Wild boar, or we stay and we find a solution. If you stay, you just need to find the earlier mentioned key, which – I know well - requires great patience, but the exercise is not impossible at all. And what is most important, you will be richer with a lifetime experience.

You have to be able to distinguish between the man and her/his actions to find the key. Concretely this is a really great game – you must be learn – moreover from a completely other point of view, how does a Dragon or Wild-boar think … :o) If you succeed, then you will certainly find the first key, the second will be easier and the third one and the others will be just a trivial exercise. Really!

Good luck to the search! If you get stuck, please do not hesitate to contact me!