Easter is here!

Easter is here!

I don’t know how you guys feel about it, but for me the last few weeks have flown by very quickly. Actually, last Christmas is still very vivid in my memory and now Easter is already here. If time goes by so fast, then slowly I can start thinking about Christmas presents again!:o))))

I can honestly say that daylight savings doesn’t bother me at all. Actually, I really like the fact the sun is still shining at 6 in the evening. I love being outside in my garden, secretly spying on my tulips to see how much they have grown and when they will start to bloom. For me this is a kind of meditation.

I am sure that this week many of you will jump into heavy-duty cleaning and organizing mode, which is a perfect opportunity to switch our brains off and allow those intuitions, which were banished by our egos, our fears or worst-case scenario by both, to flow into our minds. Well, let me recommend for cleaning Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. On Tuesday Mercury, who is among other things, the planet of understanding, is in conjunction with Neptune who symbolizes meditation at the highest level. The meeting of these two planets will not only be in the Pisces zodiac sign, but in the star constellation of the Eastern fish. Why is this interesting and important?

The Pisces star constellation is the end of the yearly path. In this star constellation we summarize and draw conclusions, close the year or even a time period and with the lessons learned, we open a new one. If you didn’t do this at the Spring solstice, then the next excellent opportunity for opening is April 22 when the Sun reaches the Aries star constellation.

Until that time, spring-cleaning, spiced up by the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune, is an excellent opportunity to understand, amidst the hidden mysteries of dusting, the lessons of the previous year - what we did well and what we should change; what supports us on our path and for what things has time come to an end; who we happily spend our time with and who are those we should say goodbye to and so on. Of course, it isn’t merely a one-day long thorough cleaning to organize our life and soul as it is it with our homes, but it is worth starting somewhere … And if the outer cleaning is done, then it is worth shining inside as well, isn’t it?!

I would like to draw your attention to one thing – Mercury symbolizes words as well and with Neptune we can even do magic. Well, while we are in cleaning mode, it is worth doing some selective organizing of our words as well, because as you know there is an old saying that we often easily forget despite its great power – “Be careful what you say because it will be!”

But if it’s Spring, words and magic, then let the fairies come, who always bring us some beautiful surprises! I would like to bring them to life with the poem “Fairy” by Sándor Weöres and with them wish you all hug-filled love and lots of red Easter eggs this weekend!

Bóbita Bóbita dances

Round her angels are sitting

Frog-swarm playing the flute

Locust-swarm on violin.

Bóbita Bóbita playing

A spell and the pig has wings

Sits on it, promises kisses

Flies on and laughs at him.

Bóbita Bóbita building

A castle with dawn-fog-walls

The halls are filled with guests

Son, daughter of King Dwar.

Bóbita Bóbita's sleepy

Lies on an autumn leaf

Deep in the midst of branches

Two snails guarding her sleep.

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mercury and Neptune, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.