How were your last two weeks? How are you managing the challenges? It isn’t enough that Master Saturn is working more and more with Uranus to build up something new on the old pillars, and thanks to Mercury and Venus it is time to understand the words of the heart, slowly but surely Jupiter has also begun to get closer to Neptune in the Pisces zodiac and the Aquarius star constellation forcing us to sum things up. Do you remember that each and every circle in the upward spiral development begins with Aries and ends with Pisces, not only at the zodiac signs, but in the case of the star constellations as well? Pisces is this summing up and at the same time an opportunity to step at least one level up. Jupiter takes about 12 years to do this circle, so I think we have enough to think about …;o)

By now it is well-known that I love movies. There are a few that I can easily watch again and again anywhere, anytime :o)). One example is Avatar. This is one of those movies that I wasn’t willing to watch at first for several months, and now … :o)) In this movie, Jake, the main male character, says something about Neytiri, the main female character, like she speaks about a flow of energy which he hopes he never has to deal with … but then he does … day by day he learns to become one with this energy and can work with it at the highest levels. Towards the end of the movie, he asks the source itself, the Tree of Souls, for help.

what does this have to do with Jupiter and Neptune? Or with 2021? Just like Jake in Avatar, we now can’t avoid saying out loud the truth of our lives. In fact, we have to sweep up even from under the rug so we don’t trip on – sorry for the expression, but … – the shit that we have collected over the years and treated as if it didn’t exist. Until now, under the rug might have been a good place for it, but slowly it will start to spill out. At that point, I usually suggest that we sweep it out ourselves rather than wait for it to pour out on us.

Just to make sure you understand what I am talking about – a few years ago, I was in Iceland with the love of my life. We passed through a village where there was a very special geyser. For about 100 to 150 years, the villagers regularly emptied their garbage into a deep whole and this dark whole eventually got fed up with it and a few decades ago “returned” it all back to the village. Well, it is not worth waiting for this … :o))

I spoke with a very dear friend of mine this weekend – we hadn’t heard from each other in a very long time. He asked me how I was. I answered him totally calmly that “Thanks, I am very well” to which he simply asked back “That’s great, but I am not interested in the “polite” answer but the truth! I laughed and could only repeat myself: “Really, I am very well.”

A lot of work went into these two sentences. Nowadays, only a smile and a little laugh follow them, but of course tears and pain are also part of it. Because sweeping the garbage out from under the rug and facing the truth is painful. These tears and pain are actually initiations. And these initiations bring us newer and newer knowledge and insight. Without masks, lies and illusions, we get closer and closer to our own essence that we created.

A lot of people say different things about the “union mystique” and about returning back to it and about the power of the energy. Western culture prefers to only talk about it – in my experience many people feel that if it isn’t seen, it doesn’t exist. But since the days of Einstein, we know more and more about the power of energy. :o)) Let’s just take a solar flare as an example – if its distant energy has an effect on the functioning of our mobile devices, what kind of effect does it have on us?! Even a little headache is capable of ruining one’s day … If we learn our own energy system, then soon we can understand the energy that surrounds us and with this knowledge we can work the holy trinity of body – soul – and spirit. This itself is the magical force of Neptune, the essence of the Universe to which Jupiter’s truth approaches.

The total truth is that this essence is hidden in everyone. The holy trinity of body – soul – and spirit is not only the privilege of a few people but everyone’s! It is “only” a question of free will whether someone wants to live it or not and if so, then in what way. Why “only”? Because the law of free choice applies to everyone. All the energy of the universe can be lived at low levels or at the highest possible levels.

In my opinion, nowadays, without exception everyone not only feels it, but also knows that 2020-21-22 is a crossroads in our lives. Every person has the pure energy of birth, the above- mentioned holy trinity or essence that is shown in its whole by the astroscope (ancient horoscope). If it is harmed, then eventually our bodies will produce smaller and then bigger symptoms. I have also gone through this, fortunately it was years ago.

You can try to keep sweeping the truth of your life under the rug, but from 2021 on, it will be harder and harder… If you feel the time has come to create new from the old, joy from the pain, inspiring future from the past and would like some help with this, then my girlfriends, Zsuzsa Rath and Andrea Fekete and I warmly welcome you to join our “Hidden Essence” individual workshops! :o) HIDDEN ESSENCE – ZSUZSANNA RATH (