Good news … heaps of it :o))

Good news … heaps of it :o))

I am sure you have all been really waiting for such a title, haven’t you? How have the last few weeks been in your life? How well have you managed to keep Mars in check? How well have you been able to control your temper when you needed to?

Why do I ask? Because my first good news is that on Thursday, March 4th, Mars will reach the Gemini zodiac, which will stop its polar quality. The pressure will subside and we can all let loose.:o)) Of course, this doesn’t mean that from now on we don’t need to pay any attention to preventing our temper energies from ruling over us! :o)) Rather, it means that it will be easier for us to keep ourselves, our calmness and balance in these “difficult” situations. :o))

The second piece of good news is that our planet of force (Mars) is currently travelling through the stars of Pleiades in the Taurus star constellation. The Taurus star constellation is the symbol of material stability and growth and the Pleiades are “the love nest of the Gods”. According to mythology, the Gods come here to make love.

The Pleiades are one of the most beautiful symbols of creation. The queen of the Taurus star constellation is Aphrodite herself, who is visited by her secret love, Ares (or Mars). What kind of opportunities does this bring to us earthlings? :o)) The answer is closely connected to the interpretation that I talked about in my last blog entry. We are all made up of two parts – an outwardly directed male and an inwardly or receiving female. The former is rationality and the latter is intuition. It is highly worthwhile now to ensure that both these halves cooperate in order to create and maintain stable material security.

Do you feel too powerless to do this? Then be honest with yourself! How many times have you been angry, upset, envious, jealous, disappointed etc. in the past? Nobody can hear you, so you can bravely say it out loud, BUT without being hurtful! Did you answer honestly? ;o)

The point is – so you understand it well! – that the above-mentioned feelings are those with which you can push your energy levels to rock bottom while raising the energy levels of those you are thinking about negatively! Is this worth doing? I don’t think so, especially because the force you give to others stays with them and ultimately diminishes you. It is time to bring home your externally placed force!

The next piece of good news is that Pluto, travelling through the stars of Aquarius, will help in this. With the fire of the soul and its volcanic force, it gets back our own active force. Of course, it is possible to be angry, upset, envious, jealous, disappointed, etc., but if you are not ready to learn from the stories that happen to you then your force stays in the past with other people or other situations, you will be stuck in them and live in them. And you will be happy if the diploma…, if the wedding…, if the child…, if the house…etc. Always “If…”

In my own life, I have experienced that if I was willing to say out loud what I had learned in a situation eliciting such above-mentioned feelings, then I found myself able to first of all get back and later on even manage to keep my force. Aquarius helps cleanse and see clearly. As my girlfriend, Zsuzsanna Ráth, says: “Each and every decision either takes away or brings force.” Everybody can decide on which one they choose. What is certain is that if you change your reactions and rather learn from or in a situation, then not only will you get your force back, but with the decision made by you, your inner freedom as well.

And the last piece of good news of today’s blog entry is the raising aspect of Mars and Pluto. We wake up, get up and solve our tasks with Mars and we make the big decisions in our lives with Pluto. The raising aspect between these two planets now has a life-changing strength, a magical one. For this we just have to believe, right? Believe me :o))), this too will be easier this week thanks to the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter, which is also happening in the star constellation of Aquarius! We have nothing else to do, but create lots of money and material security as the rain-maker Indians did! And don’t forget to believe that we really do create TODAY the tomorrow in which we would not only LIKE to bathe in but WILL bathe in!

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.