When, at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, many of us astrosophers wrote about the fact that the conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn would bring about huge changes in our lives, very few people believed us. The pandemic fundamentally changed our picture of the world. For those who were open to the new, to the unusual and were willing to change the known path for the unknown one, such new dimensions began to open in their lives that they had never even dreamt of before.

In 2021, of the above-mentioned three planets, Saturn took over the control. You may have even read in many places about the creating aspect of Master Saturn and Uranus, which happens three times this year, each time offering us the opportunity to build something brand new from our old basic values. These values mean something different for each individual, but there are similarities among them like faith, love, trust, humility, honesty and so on.

This creating aspect of Saturn-Uranus will give over its place to the aspect of Jupiter-Uranus in February 2022, which will make it impossible to continue to bury the truth or keep it so carefully swept under the rug.

As in 2020, so too this year, I take advantage of every opportunity I get to say or write that in the case of such strong energies, it is better to go forward. Many people say “Come on! Such planets don’t have any such effect ...”. I respect everyone’s beliefs and opinions. But I would like to mention again that if a solar flare can disrupt the electrical network (you can read a lot about that in the news) and if the Moon can make oceans move (this is a well-known fact) then it can happen that the conjunction of Mercury-Mars, spiced up with the energy of master Saturn and Uranus will be able to suddenly make you all open up and talk in the upcoming weekend! :o)) Honestly. About the truth. It is also possible that this will be difficult and feel very uncomfortable for you because it isn’t so easy to say the truth, especially to ourselves and about ourselves, right? It is much easier to blame a neighbour, a boss, a spouse, a friend or maybe Shrek or say Donkey :o)) regarding things that happen to us.

Many of you have probably built something in your lifetime. If nothing else, then a lego castle or something like that, so from that you know that without a good foundation, the castle will surely collapse in an instant. Well, building up a new life is similar to that, brick by brick and one of the bricks in the foundation is honesty – especially with ourselves, and then comes the neighbor, the boss, the spouse, the friend, Shrek, Donkey and all the others … ;o))

Finally, it can also happen that you decide not to take advantage of this opportunity and instead of honesty, you choose to carry on hiding the truth under the rug. The first rule of the universe is the law of free will – everyone makes their own decisions. If this is the case, however, I am asking you not to hurt, in words or actions, those who are innocent in your own current situation or the path you have chosen. If you at least do this much, you will have done more than you did earlier …:o))

For those of you who do choose honesty, new paths and possibilities will open up. Just please DO NOT forget – it is worthwhile being honest with love and respect. Even if it is just about ourselves! <3

PS.: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mars, Mercury, master Satrun and Uranus, because its energy can be raised more easily from now on.