How can we use the astroscope in a good way?

How can we use the astroscope in a good way?

Earlier, I wrote about the difference between astrology and astrosophy, the horoscope and the astroscope, about what the zodiac signs and the star constellations show as well as the importance of the axes.

How can we use the astroscope in a good way? The answer is easy – consciously. If we are aware of who we are and how the environment sees us (or what we unconsciously radiate), what kind of abilities we have (even those hidden until now) and where we are going, then we can make a big difference and change our lives, of course in a positive direction but it requires daily attention. I would be lying if I said that it would happen over night, but based on my own experience, I can say that you can enjoy the first fruits of your labor even within a few weeks.

What can I use the astroscope for? The astroscope is the best help for us to live a conscious life. It gives us new inspiration every day to live our own lives and to be able to find the most perfect way to do it. If we believe in our abilities and we are ready and able to control our fears, then we can achieve anything! There is no limit, just the sky! :o))

Does the astroscope help in bringing about change? The answer – is a definite yes! All of us want to achieve harmony and piece in our lives. I know well that change is not easy and it is really difficult to choose the new path instead of the known one. But if we believe in our intuitions, in ourselves and in our abilities then we can leave behind our bad habits, negative people and situations and we can use our energy to the maximum and we are able to create and live a brand new and happy life! (See previous blog!) Believe me! I know what I am talking about!

I am sure you have all read or heard about the fact that the upcoming year is particularly favorable for these kinds of conscious changes, naturally, this is only if we are ready to take our lives into our own hands! :o) I would like to strongly encourage those who have been thinking about this not to hesitate! At the beginning of 2020 Jupiter will enter the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which can provide a huge positive surge of energy that will „rock the world” of everyone, especially those who have decided to use this energy maximally in order to create a new, fulfilled and happy life! Which path do you think you will choose? ;o)