How to do magic in the 21st century?

How to do magic in the 21st century?

Kata and Zita talked quietly in the entrance of the beauty salon. They hadn’t met for a long time so they had a lot to discuss…:o)

Kata was learning astrology and Zita was learning astrosophy, which gave them even more topics to talk about each time they met.

It was a cloudy day but they giggled over a few sweet stories. The only thing that was missing from this group was Anna as she was a little late as usual. Somehow, this extra fifteen minutes was ingrained in her. Finally, she arrived. She entered the door disheveled and upset. After greeting the girls, she jumped into the middle of their story with her own experiences during the day...She was clearly starting to get tired of her partner’s ex-wife constantly showing up on a daily basis.

At the end of the story, she blurted out her wholehearted wish: ’It would be so good, if the ex-wife could finally find her own partner”.

Suddenly, they looked at each other conspiratorially with wide smiles on their faces and almost simultaneously said: So be it! Bless be! Bless be! Bless be.

They met again 2 weeks later and Anna greeted the girls, laughing „You will never believe what happened?!” The girls looked at her with round, curious eyes. „Imagine! The day after our last conversation, a man popped into the ex’s life …” :o)

So, how do we do magic in the 21st century? With the greatest love in our heart and wishing only GOOD! :o)

Try it! :o)