I do! Do I?

I do! Do I?

Cinema fans surely recognize these two iconic sentences - the title of Carry Bradshaw’s book.

Those who know us, know that we can watch an incredible number of movies at home and of course some of them are best sellers, which anywhere, anytime…:o) like the movies “Sex and the City”.

I like to talk with my kids and their friends who have already been learning about adult life. We learn a lot from each other. We are happy when everybody is at home and we can have dinner together. These dinners are more exciting if one or more friends can participate.

And what is the connection between “Sex and the City” and these dinners? The answer is really simple – among the topics that always arise are friendship, love, sex and romantic relationships. On Saturday evening we continued from the last blog entry, from where we know that “he/she is the one”? From my point of view, I knew it when I saw him and couldn’t catch my breath and I could only utter “Oh my God! He is the one!” The girls had already had a few relationships but had never yet had such a feeling. How did you experience this? Could you perhaps give them some insight?!

And of course, the topic came up about what happens if your love is already divorced and maybe even has a kid or kids.

In my opinion, how a man behaves with his Ex, who might even be the mother of his children, says everything about him. And since the man arrives as a “package” the title “I do! Do I?” is fitting.

It is worth keeping in mind

  • on the one hand, what happened, happened. Since we weren’t there and we don’t know what happened exactly, we can express our opinion but only if our partner asks for it, but it unnecessary to incite anybody. Believe me ladies, in the long run peace is more profitable than fighting (and think about it, it could easily happen to you).
  • on the other hand, kids are a never ending relationship – it is better to be their friends than enemies! :o)

How much did that help in making your decision?