In Memory of a Grandmother

In Memory of a Grandmother

I have a dear friend with whom I only meet a few times a year, but we are always able to continue where we left off. At our last meeting, she recommended “The letters of Suutar” which are actually letters from a set of grandparents to their grandchildren about love, relationships and life in general.

I would like to remember a Grandmother who has recently left us and is currently in the heavens by recalling a quote from one of the letters of the above mentioned grandmother to her granddaughter. I was only able to meet with this Grandmother once, but she is very close to my heart.

“My dear girl,

Do not forget what I am about to tell you now! Take a good look at the boys and later at the men! If you want to be happy, choose a man who does not pull his head away if you kiss him long in front of others and who lets you massage his feet when he is tired.

Because in order to be happy, you will need your husband to allow you to love him – in the way that you know how to love.

This acceptance is one of the most important conditions of both your happiness.

The essence of love is primarily ACCEPTANCE.

Stay away from those men with whom you can’t talk about anything and everything. Because marriage is an oasis that is kept alive by communication.

You might be able to withstand the dryness, but you will be alone if the man dries out!...

...Love a man you are attracted to and who you fit together with.”

In adolescence we are inclined to ignore the above mentioned advice. Our grandmothers nonetheless believe in us and they believe that we will remember their words at the exact time and place when we need them the most! And they are right – These are the words that will guide not only us, but even our grandchildren and they will keep all dear grandmothers alive forever, and in this way Her as well! We thank you greatly!