Is time money?

Is time money?

In our “fantastically modern” society, we tend to think that everything can be bought with money. Even time. How exactly? How much does it cost? And who should we transfer the money to? To the creator? or God? or who …?

In response to this, a lot of you are probably saying that “I organize my own time and whatever happens is what I want or choose”. In and of itself, this is cool because a lot of people are not even able to do this. As with everything else, however, this too has another side. If we look at time from slightly farther away, we can never actually know if in the morning when we leave home, everything will unfold according to our plans, what will happen to us or whether or not we will even get back home in the evening. And in the evening when we go to sleep, we can’t be sure if we will wake up in the morning… This is why grandparents always say “never go to bed with anger in your heart!”

When I was young(er) :o) I didn’t really care about this and I thought “I would deal with it tomorrow”. Then this and that happened and unfortunately, it even occurred that there was no longer anybody to solve the problem with. We don’t call that particular person out of pride or out of fear, we don’t apologize and we are not even able to say the words “I am sorry” because, in this case, what will happen to our “incredible” egos?! In the meantime, our souls are grumbling and don’t even really understand why the ego can’t get over such measly, silly nonsense as our unnecessary pride or our fear of the fact that somebody might see our weaknesses. Why does the ego want to solve each and every problems with force? Why is it important to always win? And then, when our “clock strikes”, the ego can no longer win or resolve the issue even with force ...

The truth is that time is NOT money, but our most precious treasure. Of course, to each his own. I have made two very serious decisions in my life. The first one – which many heavily criticized me for, saying that I have lost my mind and I am not normal (by the way, I accept both :o)) – is that I don’t work simply to earn money, but the work that I do is what I enjoy and it also makes money. The second one – for which I have received surprisingly fewer reactions - is that I choose to spend my free time with those I feel good with, those who don’t wear masks, don’t pretend but rather are ready to talk honestly and really enjoy the time we spend together.

I don’t know exactly how much time I have left. This is the only piece of information that we cannot say either through a horoscope or an astroscope. It is probably less than what I have had so far, but I endeavor to manage and control what little I have. I put aside my pride and if life requires it, I am not afraid to show my weaknesses to those who love me and I experience it as an honor if somebody does the same with me. Indeed! I consider this to be one of the most courageous acts in life. I follow the example of my Grandparents – each and every evening I give thanks for the day and sum up what was good and what I learned and in the morning I am happy again to receive the gift of another day.

One of our greatest fortunes is that in spring, we got not just one day, but almost three months as a gift. How did you use it?

p.s.: If you have a chance :o) please watch the movie “In Time”. It is very eye-opening. :o)