“It won’t work anyway!”

“It won’t work anyway!”

How many times have you heard this sentence? I can’t even count it… If I remember correctly, I heard it most before the university entrance exam. My mother, my teachers, my classmates constantly said this sentence to me. There was a moment in February, 1987 when I decided that I really wanted to pass this exam. I wanted to stand on my own two feet and live my own life… In 1987, it seemed like a really impossible endeavor to get into the faculty of Law at Eötvös Loránd University. Based on my written exam, my success was questionable. Then I realized that all the time I had devoted to studying would have been for nothing if I did not pull myself together… I got maximum points on my oral exam and I got in.

I was both scared and excited at the same time. I remember overcoming my fear by allowing the positive effects of adrenaline to drive me. Looking back, the main thing was that I tried and I succeeded.

Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine’s daughter asked me for help. She had finished university and had been called in for an interview based on a recommendation. She asked me to help her prepare for the interview, although she thought “it won’t work anyway!” In response, all I could say was that if she thought this way, then it was unnecessary to waste each others’ time and I suggested that she might as well just call them to cancel the interview. This surprised her so much that she asked me for some time to think about it... then she came back, we prepared her very well and she was hired :o)

What is the take away message? Two things for sure – the first is that nothing (a job interview, an audition, an entrance or any other examination etc.) will work if you approach it with this sentence in your mind. What is the second one? It won’t work either if you don’t even go there and try. And I would also like to note that if you don’t go, because “it won’t work anyway!” you will spend years wondering what would have happened “if”!

What is the solution then? It is better to deal with the other “if” :o))! If you have written your list of fears, then you are aware of them all. If you have also written the corresponding positive statements, and read only them with a smile on your face at least once each and every day, then you will learn to focus on the positive things! So, just prepare yourself to your best ability AND believe that you will be successful! Well…:o) there is nothing left, but to go FORWARD! :o))

See you next week when my post will cover how astroscopes can facilitate this process!