It’s time to get active!

It’s time to get active!

I have already written to you – more than once :o) - that I love drinking coffee. For me, coffee or having a coffee with someone close to me is an eternal pleasure and of course a piece of the finest chocolate is an essential accompaniment. (By the way, I believe that chocolate starts with at least 70% cocoa content. I’m just saying … :o))) Even with the restrictions of 2020, I always found the opportunity to indulge in one my favorite pastimes. The funniest story related to this was when I ran into one of my friends, who I hadn’t seen in a long time, in an outdoor parking lot of a shopping mall and we walked around in circles with our coffees in our hands discussing Life’s big questions … :o)

Last week, we finally managed to organize a get-together with one of my friends, with whom I always have good conversations about the energies that are currently around us. While sipping our heavenly lattes, she asked me how long this crazy pace, which had started 2 weeks prior, was going to last? I laughed. In 2020 everyone complained that everything had become so unbelievably slow and now the speed is the problem. :o) But let’s look at it from the other side – last year we were able to rest so that we could take on this fast tempo, become flexible and move forward. This year Uranus’ desire for freedom is what brings about this faster pace in general, but right now this most current increase is especially due to Mars. The good news is that at the beginning of March it will slow down a little bit but until then it is probably best if you buy a pair of good quality running shoes! ;o)))

What is certain is that with this tempo we won’t be bored this week either. Travelling at the head of Aries, both Mars and Uranus will form a creative aspect with the Sun, Master Saturn and the wise teacher Jupiter at the head of Capricorn. This energy will bring us the opportunity to start something brand new in our lives if we can learn from past mistakes, do things differently and rely on eternal values (e.g. love, faith …). The Sun – the planet of activity – is currently helping to break our barriers. These barriers are mainly within us. Yet, we love to blame the outside world for our misfortunes or the bad things in our lives when actually if you really think about it, you know deep in your soul that the outside world always shows us what we are like. I can refer to the Scripture that says “I am who I am” or Hermes Trismegistus who says “as above so below, as within so without” and I could go on …, but I think you know these inside-out … and are sometimes fed up with them …

Instead of continuing with this, I would suggest that if you feel up to it – and I hope you do -, then face yourself in the mirror and say out loud that it is not XYZ, but me myself, who is actually responsible for this or that. If you do this, believe me you will be able to break such barriers within yourself, with which you can take a huge step toward a new future. You only have to believe that it works! Only when we are free from these inner barriers can we take those steps which we last dreamt about in childhood but explained away in adulthood as absolutely impossible or unimaginable. In such cases, we always want to come up with something huge but these could be small things as well, such as being able to apologize to my kids if I have hurt them in some way or daring to tell my mother, father, wife or husband that economics or finance is not my cup of tea anymore and I would rather learn astronomy or photography or…

If you love yourselves enough, then your creative force will fall back in place and the Sun will shine again :o)! I am crossing my fingers for you! And of course a little bit for myself as well! ;o)

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Master Saturn and Uranus, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.