Let us continue from what makes you happy?

Let us continue from what makes you happy?

One of my friends has asked me recently, when are we finally going to be happy? Generally, we hear the following responses: when I get married, I have a child, my child finishes college, or so on. Somehow, it’s never today, it is rather tomorrow, or more likely the day after. And then, we rush through our lives and forget to live. Albeit there is always something nice surrounding us – sunshine, a beautiful tulip smiling in the garden, finding a piece of your favorite chocolate stashed away, having a fantastic cup of coffee, or getting a call from a nice friend.

Ok, I agree that it is not easy at all, but the good news is if we are ready to live consciously, then not so long it will become completely natural.

A few years ago I listened to a presentation of András Kereszty. Everyone has better and worse days, but it matters how bad the bad is?! We have to reach to the point where we can say about the bad days that they are less good than yesterday, but at least I have learned something new! :o)

The next sentence, Krisztike Sudár taught me 4 years ago and I say it each and every morning, as it was really big help for me – ’I am a gift to the word and the world is a gift to me, today will be a more beautiful and better day!’

Thanks to this, suddenly I have started noticing that the bad days have started getting better and, in some way or another, I am happy every day. ’Here and Now’. If you can do it, please do not wait until tomorrow! Please have a look around and smile – the world is what we ourselves are! :o)