Let's talk about the change 1.

Welcome Dear Reader!

What else could my first blog be about than change!

I am lucky because there are a lot people around me, so I hear different stories day by day. I recently met one of my dear friends, who, immediately after his first sip of coffee shot straight in the middle - he works a lot, goes from one meeting to another, he has no time to call back a whole list of people who have called him during the day, he responds to unread emails in the evenings, he often picks up the phone even in the middle of the night and I could continue …

I think I'm talking about a situation well known to many, which after a while is no longer only a simple situation, but a life situation called a treadwheel. It is very difficult to get out of it and gets more difficult with each day. I experienced it first-hand. Just from this experience, I came up with some ideas on how this could be remedied or helped, but for each of my ideas I got the same answer: „it cannot be” or „ it is not customary”. When I asked „did you try at least to do something?”, came the immediate answer “it’s no use”.

In this situation there are several lessons to be learned:

The first one – are you sure that your conversation partner wants to change and wants to get out of the treadwheel or is it enough for him to have the chance to complain about his difficult life and then he will move along?

In my experience, we are all afraid of change, because change always contains the unknown, which we tend to fear. And then in weeks / months, the question arises – ‘What would have happened, if I tried?’ ’What would have happened, if I asked?’ My children are now taking their first steps in adulthood - in similar situations, I always advise them to go intoa situation until the point where they have no doubt left that they have at least tried!

Try it and, if you have already tried, two things will definitely happen - on one hand, your soul will relax, and on the other, even if nothing seems to have apparently happened, you have already sown the seeds of the new and the unknown!

Let’s continue with the next one next week! :o)

Have a sunny week!