Let's talk about the change 2.

Shall we change?

Previously I wrote about how is it if if we do not feel comfortable at work. But it can happen to us in any other life situation too – in our love relationship, in a friendship or in business … and at the end of the day in our whole life.

I think, we can agree that in a similar situation we can always have 2 options – we change, or we stay.

Surprisingly, if we stay, we have two choices again – we suffer or we strengthen ourselves. I would not suggest suffering, because it would end in a disease sooner or later. At first just rarely, then more often, followed by serious symptoms. It is graphically written in the book “The man” by Imre Csernus. Well, if we decide to stay, the best thing to do is to learn. We learn to manage the situation, consciously we pay attention to how we can feel good under these circumstances. Ladies – please believe me, shopping will help only temporarily. Instead of collecting junk, taking a cake baking course or a good run/walk or 2-3 weekly trainings or learning a new language, are much better and more useful in the long run.

The third option is to change and to do our best to have that pleasant tingling – which ran through us when we first thought about the new - come true and be the part of our everyday life.

Please do not misunderstand me, everyone makes his/her own decisions and she/he has to feel inside what is right. I personally tried out each of them and therefore I can agree with the advice of my teacher Zsuzsa Bán – Indeed change your way to the yet unknown!” :o)

Now in April this change is extremely supported by the energy of Saturnus and Pluto. Their vibration lets us pay attention to what we have not done in our lives yet and for what it would be worth fighting. (www.csillagtitkok.hu) Please do not be surprised by the unexpected and incredible inspirations :o) that bring to your mind, for example, your childhood dreams or your fantasies span a few weeks/months ago in that café.

And what we have to face, if we have already made the decision about going to the new and unknown, let’s talk next time!