Let's talk about the change 3.

Believe me, you can do it!

At first, I decided to stay in my – let us say – unpleasant situation. At first I made some shopping as well, and then I learned to manage this situation so much that later on it helped me e.g. through work conflicts which would have scared me under normal circumstances. So at the end of the day I could treat not only people, but the situations too.

However, my mind kept racing around – ’What would happen, if …’ I must add that everyone’s way is different, different tasks are waiting for everyone. If we are really curious, or want our intuitions to be confirmed, it is worth to see what the Astroscope is drawing out. Although our tasks are different, the same question arises for everyone – are we able to face them? I would like to add that based on general experience there is a major change in our lives likely every 7 years or there would be, if we noticed it or let it happen.

If we recognize and want the change too, then maybe the most important thing is to believe we can do it! We want this to our last bone. Unparallel help in this case, if our Partner believes in us and does support us on the path. We consider the problems challenges, to which we will surely find the right solution and we will cast away our fears and look straight ahead.

Our friend will be divided into two camps – one part of them will support us, the other part will share their doubts with us continuously. You should never resent them – they are actually devil’s advocates and in many cases they will approach a practical question in a way we have never thought about. They will help us extremely without even knowing.

And if everything for which we took some risks is up and running, do not forget to CELEBRATE! It will make us always remember that we can be proud of what we have created!