Magic of Lake Balaton

Magic of Lake Balaton

I grew up in Veszprém and spent all of my summers at the lake. I really loved these vacations. Whenever I visit home, I never pass up the opportunity to spend a little time at the lake.

Those who love lake Balaton know that fans are usually divided into two groups ;o) – the northern-siders who like the slightly cooler and deeper water and the southern-siders who are crazy about the shallower and warmer bathing opportunities. Aside from that, there are those who do not belong to either camp. For them, Lake Balaton is synonymous with Balatonakarattya and the old Bezerédy beach. We don’t even understand those who belong to the other two “camps”…:o)))

Last Sunday on the way home, I stopped at Bezerédy beach with my son. We walked for a long time along the beach and enjoyed the smell of the water, the sound of the waves and the clean air. Everything around us was so clear that we could even see the two towers of Tihany Abby perfectly well (at an air distance of ~24 km).

I love the Lake in spring the best. At that time, it is still peaceful, calm and quiet. Every minute spent by the water helps to wash away blurry vision, clear one’s mind and recharge the empty energy reserves. This is especially valid in those for whom one or both of their axes (ASC-DSC and/or IC-MC) is/are touched by one of the zodiac water signs and/or star constellations (Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces).

And currently, Mercury, the bearer of secret knowledge, is passing through such a watery portion of the sky. In fact, he will slowly reach the most fertile place where water pours onto the soil (this is the overlap of the Capricorn star constellation and the past water of the Aquarius star constellation).

When passing through this beautiful and fertile area, he meets with Master Saturn and will create not only a creating, but even a so-called magic aspect with Uranus, who symbolizes, among other things, renewal, freedom and clear vision.

What should you pay attention to in the next 2-3 weeks?

- Stay as clear as you can and drink alcohol only sparingly ;o)! Don’t misunderstand, I have no qualms about a glass of fine wine! But intuitions and instincts only come to clear minds and we can only sense them that way.

- During this time, it also helps to go to baths (I wouldn’t recommend this now due to the pandemic) or to spend time near water.

- Dare to express your fears because this way you can free yourself from them! Bravely say out loud their positive opposites and keep only these in mind!

- Pay attention to your words because the rule “careful what you wish for because it will come true!” is especially true now.

- And for this exact reason, be courageous enough to put into words the wonderful future that you have only dared to dreamed about!

- Don’t forget about the eternal values such as faith, love, loyalty, gratitude etc., because these are the bases of the new!

- And be open to the new even if a completely new idea seems to be completely wacky.

- And last but not least, take the opportunity to create as the often-mentioned rainmaker Indians do! By the way, it’s no surprise that famous businessmen are often called rain-makers… :o))))

Would you have ever thought!? This itself is the secret knowledge, as well as the magic of water and by way of this, Lake Balaton too. :o)) If you thought that our lives would be boring until the spring solstice, well, think again :o)) The thing is that anybody can become a Rainmaker, the only question is whether you want to be one or not? ;o))

PS.: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mercury, Master Saturn and Uranus, because its energy can be raised more easily from now on.