Mars and chilling

Mars and chilling

We already know that Mars represents the following in our lives at the highest levels – “I am a straight-forward person. I am eager, energetic and courageous. Movement is a part of my life. I turn consciously toward the world, and I provide my environment with an uplifting force. “

On September 9th and 10th, Mars aligns itself with Alrescha, the alfa star of the Pisces star constellation. This star is the symbol of Union, Union with ourselves and Union with the world (with the Universe). On these 2 days, it is worth paying attention – even if only casually - and drawing strength.

Okay, but how does chilling come into this?

Before answering this question, let me share a joke:

The Bear is sitting in a clearing when he sees the Eagle plunging from a nearby cliff into the depths and when he almost reaches the ground, he spreads his wings and soars upwards to the sky. When the Bear sees the Eagle repeating this for the third time, he gets up, walks over to the Eagle and says “Tell me Eagle, what are you doing?” The Eagle replies simply: “Well Bear, I’m chilling.” The Bear thinks deeply about this and then sets off for the top of the cliff… The Eagle only sees that the Bear is jumping into the depths. Surprised, he asks the Bear: “What are you doing?” The Bear replies simply: “I’m chilling, Eagle!” To which the Eagle can only say: “Wow! How chiiiiiiiill!” :o))))

Many people, in various ways draw your attention to the fact that meditation is the best way to find your way back to your inner self or to feel your inner strength. Yes. I have written about it several times as well. At the same time, I realize that meditating is not easy, especially in this fast-paced world. Then how can we feel and incorporate this above-mentioned Mars “force”? Well…by chilling…almost like the Bear did :o)). We are inclined to spend a lot of our time during the day with unnecessary things. Please try to save 10-15 minutes on these 2 days, sit down on a bench, turn off your telephone, close your eyes and bathe in the sunshine. Don’t think about anything or anybody, just live for this joy!

Believe me that this short “chilling” is enough to collect the strength symbolized by Alrescha which you will need in the upcoming two months. Mars will be heading back in the sky, which means that we will find solutions to our problems and tasks a little bit more slowly and with a little bit more difficulty until the middle of November when it will start to move ahead again. We will need this inner force and our patience. Even more so since the other “strength” planet, Pluto will also be travelling backwards in this time period.

But there is no reason to worry! Beyond the strength of Mars, I will share with you in my next blog entry what else can give us support during this time! Until then good chilling! :o)))

PS: For those who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to which houses and aspects are affected by Mars – with this above-mentioned “chilling” :o) you can raise these energies as well.