Meditate! Meditate! Meditate!

Meditate! Meditate! Meditate!

Nowadays you can hear this everywhere … A few years ago, my reaction to this was “What? Meditation? No way! Definitely not! Noooo!”

A lot of us resist those things which are expected of us from our environment or are forced upon us, even if it could be good for us – for example, I didn’t learn to play golf because my ex-husband expected it of me and I will just admit to you secretly that the book “Red Lion” by Mária Szepes sat untouched on the shelf for years, because it was a required reading in my so-called “social situation”. Today, I am proud to say that I just gave the sixth book as a gift and I have to buy one or rather two more to have one at home for the next special occasion and to have one for myself as well! :o)

Currently, it has become fashionable to talk about meditation, but only a few people tell us about the effect and impact it has on our lives and even fewer people actually help us learn, step by step how to reach that state where we can significantly raise our energy levels … or simply put in every day English … pull ourselves out of the mire by our own hair as Baron Munchhausen did. :o)

Okay, but how? In the beginning a Buddhist monk’s video really helped me. In about 5 minutes, he explained that meditation is actually nothing other than calm breathing, concentration and focusing on the big nothing. Honestly! How many times does it happen to us in our lives that our partner or boss gives us a hard time, the kids are clinging to us because they are not happy with something again and the cherry on the cake is when the phone rings and it’s our mother-in-law calling us … (Luckily for me, I only have an ex., but respects to the exceptions :o)) Got it? At such times, everyone would just like to run as far away as possible and wish for nothing else than 5 minutes of sitting on the couch or terrace or going down to the park under a tree and listening to the birds or walking and staring at the sky … just 5 minutes when we are totally alone. In these moments, we all take a deep breath and let it out and after a few four-letter words, we can only think of something nice and positive...

Well, this is meditation … unconsciously! :o) Because deep down inside we feel that we are about to suffocate and our souls need at least 5 minutes of calmness to be able to breathe again and our insides can concentrate on regeneration rather than just on survival.

Just one more “well” :o)) … well, if we do this consciously AND we take at least 5 minutes out of our lives each and every day to sit down, for example, in our favorite corner of the flat, to just close our eyes and think of something truly amazing, then, if not instantly, but step by step, day by day, we will be happier and more balanced!

And suddenly we will notice that the original 5 minutes has become 10-15 and finally even half an hour or more … And when any of the above mentioned situations happens, we don’t lose our calmness … we can listen to everyone, react calmly … even after the volcanic eruptions of our teenagers :o)) and move on with a smile … and if someone asks us “How are you?” We respond simply with - “Thanks, I’m good! Really good!” :o)

p.s.: I admit that after my divorce, I read the “Red Lion” and I will read it again a few more times because the author said that 5 readings is necessary to fully understand everything in it. I didn’t learn to play golf, but my son is among the best players. If I can, I meditate twice a day and thanks to this, people who do not know my age, think that I am 10 years younger than I actually am.

And one more thing - the astroscope helps us by tailoring the meditation to us personally, showing us the best way to do it.