My little car

My little car

I ended my story last time with my arriving home, finally, with my little car. The next morning I had to sadly accept once again that it just wouldn’t start. I sat in the garden, a little bit perplexed … one phone call after the other … one opinion after the other …

After the warranty had expired, I always took it to the same mechanic who I have known for over 24 years and trusted. In the last half year, however, something was always happening every month – bigger or smaller problems, but afterwards, it always seemed to be alright. Now, I feel that I should probably say that I just wanted to believe that! Even before I departed, I consulted with him, because 700 km there and 700 back is a long trip. Moreover, the car kept giving me the message that something was wrong, but he reassured me that it was just a software error. Trusting in his opinion, I departed on my long journey with total confidence ...

Actually, the lucky thing was that after arriving home the next day, this particular mechanic wasn’t working and he felt that there was no chance that he could get to it before Monday. Something had been playing around in my mind for several weeks that was only reinforced by the above mentioned telephone calls in the garden. Finally, thanks to that, after a few more calls, I reached the old specialist...

Let me now share with you here one of my Master’s (Dr. Gábor Molnár parapsychologist) countless fables.

“The doctor decided it was time to tell the patient the truth:

- I feel that I have to tell you that you are very sick and you probably only have two more days to live. I think you should organize your things. Would you like to speak to someone?

- Yes – came the broken voice

- With whom? - asked the doctor.

- With another doctor.”

As it later turned out, the little car was in very bad shape and needed 2 weeks’ work to be able to run again. I didn’t give up on it, and finally it worked again and I love it still.

What exactly am I trying to say with this? The trust we place in authority is important, but it should never be forgotten that nobody is beyond making mistakes! If we feel that something is doesn’t sit right with us and won’t let us rest assured, then there is definitely something there that is worth looking into … in some cases it is a good idea to consult with another doctor – or, as in this case, a mechanic – and then stay alive and/or run again! :o)))