My little car, Master Saturn and I

My little car, Master Saturn and I

Last time I shared with you what qualities and high quality vibrations the planets of our Solar system represent in our lives. From these planets, today I would like to highlight Master Saturn. He symbolizes that “I am valuable. I create everlasting things. I rule over my time and can create quality time. When necessary, I am present and when needed I am concentrated and can get myself into a focused state. I am able to recognize and surpass my limits and barriers. I make progress step-by-step with patience and modesty. I am worthy of knowledge and to “step over the threshold”.”

I am sure it has happened to you too that within a short period of time, you found yourself in a similar situation and you reacted differently the second time. By now, I can dare to say that these occasions, or lets bravely call them challenges or tests, happen to us in order to strengthen one of our abilities or capabilities for the rest of our lives.

Some might think that those who deal with astrosophy are excluded from these so-called challenges or tests. I would like to reassure everyone that this is not at all true – we too get our share of trials… :o)

In August, I wrote about the fact that my little car broke down not far from the Hungarian border and it was unwilling to start again. Finally, I managed to solve this seemingly impossible situation. The key to this was balance.

When I got my little car back from the mechanic, I calmed down. I happily used it and once again enjoyed my transportation freedom :o)). Then, last Wednesday, I wanted to head off to an early evening meeting when the little car suddenly stopped again and refused to start...well, I wouldn’t have even dreamt this...

Those who know Budapest, know that having a car break down on the 8-lane Szentendrei road is no laughing matter. The traffic jam and the impatience of the frustrated drivers are immediately guaranteed … I was really surprised at myself … I took out my phone with the greatest calmness, called the mechanic and the tow-truck company … I walked up and down beside my car and with a smile on my face, waited to get home. The only thing I did not understand was why the blond women were honking at me so fiercely? (by the way, I am blond as well … not dyed, but natural ;o)). Then the tow-truck driver informed me - blond women are ready to stop anywhere, anytime, get out of their car and make a phone call (respect for the exceptions) … and really … the honking concert stopped after I opened the hood of my car … from this, the obvious fact that my car would not start, became clear to everyone. Immediately, two men even stopped to give me a hand.

Actually, everything worked out faster, better and luckier than the first time around. When I got home, I realized that I had passed this test. :o))

What kinds of similar tasks or challenges have you faced – especially in 2020?

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas that are influenced by master Saturn or his aspects – the greatest tasks or challenges could be connected to them.