'My plan is to ...'

’My plan is to …’

A few weeks ago I met with an elderly lady. I have known her for a long time, but this was the first time that she came to talk to me. In fact, she decided around two years ago that she no longer wants to live and she created all kinds of necessary illnesses. She did not count on one thing, however. When she got into hospital she met with an angellic doctor who gave back her life. She realized during our talk and said it out loud that this is a responsibility she wants to seize the opportunity. She asked me what she should do. I could not answer this question, but I helped her in finding the right answer.

I brought up a story about another old lady, with whom I met on a one-day long workshop with Monika Veres. During the talk it unraveled that she is 84 years old, and she was once a pediatrician. At that time she was learning Astrosophy. The afternoon session was begun by her with the next sentence: ‘My plan is to …’ It made us think deeply, me too. If this old lady has a plan at the age of 84, then I have to be brave at the age of 48 to have some!

My elderly lady considered it in depth, 70 years are behind her, but 80 is still far ahead. As we talked further about what could make her happy day after day, it came to her mind, that she has never told her grandchildren the story of her Family. Finally we agreed that she will buy the most beautiful Paper Blank notebook, along with color pencils and a comfortable pen, of course, and she will start the Story.

Well, what are your plans that would make you happy day after day?