New life, new habits

New life, new habits

My new life comes with new habits. One of them is not to use my car or public transportation in the city of Budapest, I go everywhere on foot. In practice, in a half an hour I get anywhere at a good pace. During these ’half an hour’s I meet a lot of people, I listen to their few-word discussions, or I can watch their body language. From these, interesting stories can be woven while sipping delicious coffee in the spring sunshine … :o)

But what I would like to share with you about this is that every day I hear and see parents raise their voices with their little children – ’you are ugly’ or ’you are wicked’ or ’go away from here, I will not take your hand’ or ’I don’t love you’ and so on. Oftentimes they leave them alone in the street and go ahead …

With these actions seemingly unimportant to the parents compared to an entire (working)day – as it is merely discipline – a child marveling at the world or learning it intensively can’t do anything, but we can be sure of two things:

  1. as a result of these sentences, among others, a huge lack of self-confidence will evolve until adulthood. Psychologists and the coaches could talk for hours, how to make this rights with hard work …
  2. and in my opinion what’s even worse is, the routine of judgement affects us and we don’t notice that we do not make any difference between the act and the person. If someone does something wrong, then he/she is stupid, wicked, ugly etc. We do not even recognize that he/she is the only one who is more kind to the secretary or he/she surprised his/her colleague with a cappuccino at his/her desk, because he/she noticed how tired he/she was. He/she made a mistake and from now on has no chance …

Perhaps it would be better to crouch and tell the little child, ’I love you my Dear, but it is not right that you pulled Esther’s ponytail in kindergarten, or you punched Marci’s stomach. Tell me please, what happened?’

What do your children tell you about?

Have a beautiful day! :o)