“Oh my God, I fit on an A3 paper! Are human beings really that simple?”

“Oh my God, I fit on an A3 paper! Are human beings really that simple?”

- said a mathematics professor who recently came to me for an analysis. A lot of people believe that everything we discuss in an astrosophic analysis is just hokus pokus ...That’s why it is an exceptional joy for me to talk about an astroscope and the incredible amount of information that lies within it with a person who is so well versed in natural sciences, especially if that person is a man :o)

In order to make the above paragraph absolutely clear, I would like to show you that we really do start out with an A3-sized paper :o) upon which we humans actually do fit so easily :o)) (FYI: this is a Hungarian version of an astroscope of my girlfriend who gave me permission to include it here).

Actually, all of these lines and dots are the astroscope itself :o) which is nothing other than a Star Map that shows the starry sky at the moment of our birth. It is more than a horoscope, as it contains not only the zodiac signs, but also the star constellations themselves, the stars that we all know, the planets of our Solar system and their aspects. With the help of all of these elements, this A3-sized paper is capable of showing our energy system, the driving forces that move us and our inner world. In a nutshell, the astroscope is the energy map of the moment of our birth.

What I would definitely like to draw your attention to is the fact that neither astrosophy nor an astroscope is “fortune-telling”, but rather, it is conscious future-planning. Therefore, the astroscope is one of the best sources of help for us to live a conscious life. Of course, only if we want to :o)! It gives us new inspiration every day to live our own lives and to be able to find the most perfect way to do it. So, it is worth using the astroscope consciously - if we are aware of who we are and how the environment sees us (or what we unconsciously radiate), the kinds of abilities we have (even those hidden until now) and where we are going, then we can make a big difference and change our lives.

Change is always difficult and switching from a well-known path to an unknown one is not easy at all. At the first step, our feet feel heavy as cement … But if we believe in our intuitions, in ourselves and in our abilities, then we can leave behind our bad habits, negative people and situations and we can use our energy to the maximum and we are able to create and live a brand new and happy life! If we continue along this path steadfastly, step by step we can turn each negative spiral to a positive direction!

At this point, the question regularly arises – “does the astroscope show us anything negative?” The answer is No! Absolutely nothing! The astroscope gives us the message of fullness and completeness. We need to know that the energy of the planets can be made to work at both low and high levels. It depends solely on us what we choose to take from these energies since the rule of free will prevails in the Universe. Each and every day when we get up and we get out into the world, we have only one obstacle to face and that is ourselves!

I think that all of us have learned well that we can both create and destroy with words alone! The astroscope shows us the possibility of how we can create a full life with the help of our energies! If we believe in our abilities and we are ready and able to control our fears, then we can achieve anything! Only the sky is the limit! :o)) Let’s forget about the expectations of our environment and remember who we truly are deep down! :o) If you really think about it, this is what 2020 is all about.

I am happy to help in this any time and will draw you a personalized A3 to go with it! :o))